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  1. Thanks for the reply Jackson Redstar. I thought that the animation store name conflicted with "Community Participation Guidelines" so I did not write it. The number of animation for machinima that that store sells has decreased from the past, but I think that it is probably the largest store in the machinima animations seller even now. In the case of AO, "K * s *" which is the best balance of quality and price is recommended store.
  2. Thank you for your reply Chic Aeon. I thought about writing your Sim, but I did not write it as it might conflict with "Community Participation Guidelines". By the way, my article does not compel the content, so do not misunderstand that point. Also, for something that is definitely incorrect in my article, I'd be glad if you comment on the details about it.
  3. Happy 15th Birthday, Second Life! On this occasion I would like to summarize how to make machinima in Second Life that I know. I hope this will help. Note: In addition, I omitted that part so as not to recommend goods and software etc. according to "Linden Lab Official:Community Participation Guidelines". However, as a general example, I also used the example video for a specific product. They are not intended for advertisement. Other related web sites Making movies - Second Life Wiki Machinima - Second Life Wiki Introduction You can cre
  5. Hello IrenneAdller. Thank you for pointing out about the motion path. I forgot to introduce about it in the previous video. I made new introductory videos so please refer. How to make Second Life Animation. Appendix 2 > Also, would be really great if u could do one brief tutorial where you actually make animation, like walk cycle or something like that. I do not plan to make it because patience is necessary to make a real walk cycle. I think that the way of making the walk cycle is basically the same as other tools. If you understand how to make keys, videos for 3dsmax and
  6. Hello Gusher Castaignede. I also hope that the development of LA will continue in the future. But unfortunately I am just a user. If I were the developer of LA, I will surely make it correspond to Bento for SL creators. Thank you.
  7. Hello Gusher Castaignede. > Sloverdrive, any new updates on this software? According to the site of LA, the latest version is β4.65. I do not know when a higher version is released. > Has the english version been fully completed yet? No. Because it is still a beta version even in a Japanese version. > on how to import and rig a new character inside LA STUDIO... LA can load a FBX file. However, bone structure became strange when I tried the Bento FBX file. Therefore, I think that a FBX file should not be used yet by LA. Moreover, Rig cannot be construct
  8. Thank you for your response. That site is introduced from . Good luck:smileyhappy:
  9. Thank you for the proposal:smileyhappy: I corresponded to it. But since this is the provisional version, the strict check is not carried out. If there is a problem, please reply here. Please adjust bone length to your avator in LA before making a pose or animation. Good luck:smileywink: https://・・・ Please be sure to check SHA256. 6057a20d726ecb5cd7e4604c7cf629c461fcbc7e368c8fc48cfc22c1fbde806d Password ForSecondLifeAnimationForum Rev 2  Link Please be sure to check SHA256. e3829067c711ed60b8445eb1412462b9886e89a95eca80ae11e9a216c77657c3 Password ForSecondLifeAnimationForum
  10. "free!" in the article which I posted is a link to that. I am sorry to be unclear.
  11. I'm sorry for not replying to your question for one year.:smileysad: Because I made the video which can reply to your question, please refer to it. In order to make other persons notice video, it was made into a new article. Good luck.:smileywink: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Animation-Forum/How-to-make-a-Second-Life-Animation-Part-7/td-p/3027230
  12. I made the new video of "how to make animations" series. The point of this video. 1. How to bring LiveAnimation's skeleton structure close to your Avatar's it. 2. How to prevent your Avatar floating above a floor. If this is watched, you will be able to create a pose and an animation that matched with your Avatar rapidly. Please refer to it.:smileyhappy: Part 7. 00:26 Skeleton structure modification of LiveAnimation Avatar. 04:47 The work flow in a new Avatar which has modified skeleton structure. 09:56 The Avatar height adjustment. 11:40 The example of using multiple BVH files. 12
  13. Base video Converting CMU mocap data for SL
  14. Those videos may be useful for you if you have been searching motions of Carnegie Mellon University Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database. For CMU motions searcher 1/4-4/4 Series https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLYseFxvWZqhbur3rEhoHiSLm7wtB-8FTc
  15. Second Life Timeline Animation Sequence Editor _TACHYON_Beginner's Edition WorldWide became free! If we can contribute to making your video, we are glad :matte-motes-oh-rly:
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