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  1. a disappointment. i was not able to find the most desirable bear of all bears. which one? one that i lost many many years ago. i lost gov linden bear and i looked everywhere on this island for it and was not able to find it. when i asked support why it was not included they told me only bears for people that still work for LL game are available..lol.. so gov linden is retired? i dont think so! anyways if anybody knows where i can find this bear again for a second time, plz tell me, i can go to the entire sl grid looking for it. is also very pretty.. is the only reason why i will get the rest... got to collect tham all! and yes i verified tons of bear are available for free to collect at bear island celebration..a lot...but my hunt is for that SPECIFIC..one..mama mia here we go again...
  2. aw so now they finally posted a NEW grid status. i had to refresh the page to see this cause i was there before and nothing was posted.. thanks
  3. ah so thats why i cant log in? i tried many viewers and no go..
  4. We will miss u a ton. take care good helper.
  5. hi stewart, yep on the same boat in less than 30 days and 3 times. they said 3rd time is the last one, so i hope this is the last time. oh well i was able to log in, but is still not working fine, but i dont want to log out to then be disabled. Time to bring my other account in to see if i can log out and then back to fix the names that arent loading right on my primary account..See u in SL stewart9...
  6. well mine grid status shows fine, but i have notes in there from may 5th and nothing from today, it will be nice if when they disable log in and when they tell u "please check grid status for more info" to have something in there saying may 7 we are having probs etc.. and not just keep us in the dark so we keep hitting the log in button thinking is not for real they have disabled log in.. oh well now i know is for real very disabled and i stopped hitting the log in button.. smiles
  7. oh no! not again! log in have been disabled. this is the 3rd time in less than 30 days. Ah why doesnt the grid status shows some of us are having probs logging into SL for the 3rd time in 3o days? Or why did they disabled log in this time? anyways at least i know is not just me, ty for the tread! i mean why are the account disabled this time? grid status doesnt say why..
  8. [Completed 9:05am PDT, 30 April 2012] The maintenance on our core network has been completed. We are actively working on bringing the final remaining offline regions back online TY LL!!!
  9. Cause u werent trying to log for longer than 3 hours like i was.... hehehehe btw i was finally able to log in now, and i hope i stay in SL logged in for a long time ...
  10. Yay!!!! i feel better already about the posibly 1/2 hr waiting.oh and thanks all for the replies..
  11. Sorry guys, i am getting inpatient waiting for SL to work again.How long will maitenance take for today? I know last time(April 26th) by looking at the grid status times is took more than 12 hrs for them to try to fix it. They started 7:15 am and they finished maintenance at 10:00pm. So is today going to be similar the same or worse? And last question how many hours does LL wait to give a SL grid status update on how things are going? Is hard to find me something to do around here when i am bored cause my mistake was that SL is the only game i play with my computer. I always say i want to try other games to entertain myself, but i always get myself distracted in SL and i never try something else.. Got to love SL game!! aaggghhhh the waiting is killing meeeeeee.....lol
  12. i read the entire page, but stil cant find why the reason why they disable log in to fix sl : "How we fix it: If a login server itself fails, we take it out of rotation. If the problem is in another system or service, we fix it there. oh btw Charolotte ty for the page..
  13. Am able to log in again, but i hope they put a bigger bandage on it, so it last longer..
  14. No idea but it has been like this for more than 3 hours now. They need a bandage that last longer..
  15. Well seems that they disabled the logins again, and reopened the repair they tought they fixed later ago..
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