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  1. "USD 1.5% fee (minimum $3.00 USD fee, maximum $15.00 USD fee) fee will be taken from amount entered" is all I saw that was new...
  2. "USD 1.5% fee (minimum $3.00 USD fee, maximum $15.00 USD fee) fee will be taken from amount entered" I didnt see this comming, and it seems really shady not to contact anyone about it. Where was the info for this sudden change supposed to be?
  3. My best advice is to ask in SL itself to other merchants. Linden Labs deletes and removes anythign they see as a potential threat to their integrity here, without real reason. Their help is all cut and paste as well, given mostly from people that barely grasp their own language much less English.
  4. I recently sold a pair of wing in my Marketplace store, though for some reason they have gone undelivered for a while. I have not recieved payment, nor has the customer obtained their purchase. May 18, 2011 Order #13205580 Order Status: Being delivered Number of items in order: 4 Number of items from your store: 1 Total charged by your store: L$200 Total received by your store before fees: L$0 Customer: Krysti RavenheartThere is no way to "redeliver" this item, since the option is unavailable until an actual money transaction takes place and I will not hand out a product without firstly being paied. Please assist.
  5. Also, as a note, Second Life, regardless of the viewer, DOES use a pie wheel for anything involving right click. While not all viewers use "Derender" as this option, my confusion was reguarding the Pheonix Viewer derendering. I hope this helps someone in the future as well, since there is no mention of this sort of thing on the forums here. It is rather suprising, since more people use Pheonix Viewer then any other viewer in Second Life, even the official one.
  6. Thank you, so very very much. Yes I do use Pheonix Viewer.
  7. Don't use filters, firstly, despite what was told to you about "liquefy". That's a bunch of crap, and all that will do is blur edges, and still keep pixels visible. Put on a white skin and wear your clothing if you want to see what I mean. Just increase the resolution of your image when you paint it. I.E. paint it at 3000 x 3000 when you are using your template. SL will transition everything down to the right size while retaining a much higher detail edge.
  8. So, since no one has anything useful to say on these "new" forums, and it seems there is an abundance of lackluster amount of intelligence going around the "Knowledge Base", I thought I would try to solve this mystery here and now, since its been bugging me for nearly a year now. Derendering. Derendering something makes it, in all effect, vaporize completely from second life. You no longer can see an object or avatar, nor can you interact with said piece, save for its physics (Derender a platform you are walking on and you can still walk on it, even though it is completely invisible.) Now, since on occasion, and due to the fact Second Life uses one of the worst tools in the world for any moving object (The pie wheel), I and other individual builders I have spoken to regarding this, have accidently de-rendered objects and people without the intent on doing so. This is a problem...and thanks for making it so obscure and impossible to find any answers to this problem, Linden Labs. My question to any and all is: "How exactly does one Re-Render something when one cant even select or see it any longer?"
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