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  1. congrats Isa. I'm so proud!
  2. @Vichonette those are the exact same reasons I use a third party viewer (Imprudence). Which viewer are you using now? You could try a viewer that has the old interface like Imprudence or Phoenix. As for the 42 groups. THANK YOU LL! As a store owner, club manager and hunt organiser this is great news!
  3. For me, as a hunt organiser, store owner and club manager, the group allowence being raised to 40 is a great idea. I take part in a lot of events and hunts and each one has a seperate group. However, does it only apply to the official LL viewers or 3rd party ones also? I know alot of people that use Imprudence and are all wondering the same thing. Also I think display names are a waste of time. In my opinion.
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