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  1. Clover is looking for a new store manager to help keep the store running smoothly. This is of course a paid position, and we can talk about pricing if you are interested. I am looking for someone trustworthy, professional, very organized, experienced(preferred) and is able to perform the following responsibilities : Accept and check blogger posts. Communicate with bloggers Manage our weekly marketplace review giveaway Place and remove in-store event landmark boards Customer service via smartbots live IM every few days Manage my calendar, (add/remove event dates and others) Post on the store facebook and flickr new releases, and where to get them four days before being released Post in the store group when an event opens with an item in it. Interact and keep tabs on the store group chat. Double check permissions of items and test out some releases. Keep tabs on flickr comments, and facebook comments Other organizational duties
  2. Update: Figured it out! There was an issue with some overlapping weights.
  3. I have been working on a rigged item, and for some reason one bone in the neck isnt working properly with the animations. It seems to have a kink in it when uploaded in world. In blender, this how the neck is bent: https://gyazo.com/94dd8665efc376e9e689cedc051cd0a8 And in SL, here is whats happening: https://gyazo.com/282596fa289fb0a22ff7f3c2ba7cdca8 I checked the rig, the bone rolls, I have translations enabled for the animation... I have no idea why this is happening, but if someone can help me figure this out, that would rock.
  4. Sorry for the late replies! So I ran a lot of tests and realized that the issue was that the script of the rezzed object had around 3 seconds of a delay before anything in the script even worked. So basically I cant do anything instantaneously until LL fixes this issue. I made a little workaround where the arrow is rezzed in front of the avatar as non-physical, and while the animation to shoot the arrow is playing, the script of the arrow "wakes up". By the time the animation is ready to shoot the arrow, the script is ready, and I set it physical and apply an impulse instead of rezzing with velocity. Unfortunately this is all I can do until LL fixes the issue.
  5. So im working on some arrows, and im having massive issues changing the physics type in time to get it to "stick" into the collided object. The arrows bounce for a few seconds after it collides, even though I have the status changing to false right as is collides. Anyone know a workaround?! Gif for reference: https://gyazo.com/936089f82927c5d5f09c804dfb9546c2
  6. So im working on a creature that uses alpha blending fur, and its also animesh. Everything looks fine when animesh is disabled, but as soon as I enable it, I can only see the outer layer. The other fur layers are there, and rigged properly, but they cant be seen for some reason. When I turn alpha masking on, I can see all of the fur layers. Any help with this one?
  7. Hey there, I have created a fully server based fishing system, and its all working and in testing. I am looking for someone who would like to make fish and marine life for the system, and add new creatures periodically. I do 3D model, but the size of this project requires more than one person. The script for marine life is complete already, so all I would need are the models, posed in a few frames to swim (alpha frame motion). If you do not know how to do framed motion, I can always show you. Take a look at our website so far, and I will give you an in-world demo/the items to try it out before you agree. Please send me a message in-world, and we can discuss payment. Website (Still in development) : http://cloverfish.clovertec.net/
  8. Hey there, I am an established store, looking for someone who can rig items like clothing, and rings. I do rig, but I would like to ease my work load, and focus on creating items instead of rigging. Send me a message in-world if you are interested, Thanks. Kira Alena.
  9. Hey there, Im Kira Alena, the owner of Clover. I am currently looking for a blogger manager with experience, to help keep track of my bloggers. I need a hand keeping things running smoothly, because as much as I love handling that aspect, I dont mave much time anymore. I am currently an established brand, with a blogger team, and im looking to add to that and clean it up a bit. Send me a message/Notecard in-world if you are interested.
  10. Sure, Here is the log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ci3f5kibpopoce/BlackDragon_2.27.2020.log?dl=0
  11. I appreciate the help, but that didnt seem to work, unfortunately.
  12. SO this has been happening for a while, but the official LL viewer, or black dragon has issues with a specific account. I can log on fine with my alt, but on my main account, the viewer freezes almost instantly after login, and it eventually crashes. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hey there, I am currently taking on some new projects. If you need any mesh, or scripting work done, please visit my website for some more information: https://clovertec.net
  14. Hey there, I am the creator of the Venus pregnancy system, and I am looking for some people to roleplay as doctors at our clinic location. I have all of the doctor equipment set up, and I am looking for independent doctors to occupy a room (free of charge), and offer services to patients needing help. You will get patients recommended to you, a free room with all Venus doctor equipment, and you can charge them whatever you wish. Please contact me at Kira Alena. You are required to have the Venus pregnancy Hud. This will be given to candidates for free.
  15. I have a custom rigged avatar which seemed to be fine. It uploaded great, no errors, and it seemed to be pretty straight. I made an animation for it, and it looked fine (its a walk, so the body shouldnt bend to the left) in blender, but when I upload it on second life, the body is slightly tilted, and the animations arent mirrored correctly, here is a photo for reference. Here is how the body should look during the animation And here is what happens.
  16. Hey there, Clover is looking for a talented animator, who has experience animating custom rigged creatures, including creatures. Contact Kira Alena for some more information, and check out our store. http://clover.clovertec.net/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/cloversl/
  17. Hey there. I Am working on an item that detects users to the left of the agents x axis. To simplify it a bit: Lets say that I have a prim in world. I would like the attachment to be able to return how many meters that the position (of the object), if from the direction the user is facing. eg, an offset <0,3,0> +3 meters would be = the object is 3 meters to the left of the direction that the user is facing. I am a little stumped at this point, so I hope someone can help.
  18. Hey there, I am a scripter/ 3D modeler in secondlife, and I was looking into creating some club equiptment/tools. I have a rough idea on some things that will be working on, but I would like some input from the actual community. This is mostly for club owners, managers, and workers, to make the club scene a bit easier to manage/ more interactive. (I am thinking of items along the lines of tip components, lighting, gadgets... etc) - What are some items that you use in your club that could use some improving? What can be improved on them? - What is an item that you frequently wish that you could have in your club, that would help you manage things better. Any ideas or comments are welcome
  19. Hey there Daxxel, I have experience creating feral avatars. I am now accepting custom projects, so I would be happy to help. Take a look at my website, and marketplace : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/61152 And my website: www.clovertec.net
  20. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Clover-mopping-system/15528591 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CloverNeeds-Garbage-disposal-system/15507418
  21. Please apply here : http://clovertec.net/blogger-info-application/ ♥ Information ♥ Thank you for your interest in Clover ! For our blogging group, I want to do things a little bit unconventionally. In the past, I have used blogotex for blogging, and found that it reduced communication between creator, and blogger. I want to have a group of people who are excited to try out products, and become a small community of individuals who want one another to grow. I do NOT want to pressure you, or hinder your creativity by posting deadlines, requirements, and other unnecessary stress. You can take my products, try them out, and post them if you love them ! I do not want bloggers who take my items, and refuse to interact with the group/myself, so I will be picky on who I chose to join, and I will weed out people who I feel like are abusing the system. I strongly encourage sending me ALL of your feedback about our products, even if it is a criticism. I will also start sending items for everyone to try out, some gifts here and there, blogger exclusives, and items that I am unsure about. You are NOT required to beta test items, but the option is there for you if you are curious. My only REQUIREMENT is that you post all posts containing my items to the Clover flickr group, and tag the clover account in your post. Please use the Clover group to post your creations, ask for help, and ideas, and any other related chat, even if it just getting to know one another. I really want you guys to LOVE being a clover blogger, and grow your following as you do it. Also, I will be creating a blogger lounge for everyone to go to, if you want a place to hangout, park your avatar as you blog, or anything else. If you have any ideas for the blogger lounge, Let me know ! I would love to hear your ideas. I will also be hosting small gatherings, or release events there.
  22. Sure thing: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor (3515.79 MHz) Memory: 16367 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 17763.678) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
  23. Hey there ! For the last month I have only been able to use third party viewers, because for some reason when I log into any official viewer, after a few seconds, it freezes completely. Yes, I have updated drivers, and windows. HELP :0
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