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  1. Update: Figured it out! There was an issue with some overlapping weights.
  2. I have been working on a rigged item, and for some reason one bone in the neck isnt working properly with the animations. It seems to have a kink in it when uploaded in world. In blender, this how the neck is bent: https://gyazo.com/94dd8665efc376e9e689cedc051cd0a8 And in SL, here is whats happening: https://gyazo.com/282596fa289fb0a22ff7f3c2ba7cdca8 I checked the rig, the bone rolls, I have translations enabled for the animation... I have no idea why this is happening, but if someone can help me figure this out, that would rock.
  3. Sorry for the late replies! So I ran a lot of tests and realized that the issue was that the script of the rezzed object had around 3 seconds of a delay before anything in the script even worked. So basically I cant do anything instantaneously until LL fixes this issue. I made a little workaround where the arrow is rezzed in front of the avatar as non-physical, and while the animation to shoot the arrow is playing, the script of the arrow "wakes up". By the time the animation is ready to shoot the arrow, the script is ready, and I set it physical and apply an impulse instead of rezzing with ve
  4. So im working on some arrows, and im having massive issues changing the physics type in time to get it to "stick" into the collided object. The arrows bounce for a few seconds after it collides, even though I have the status changing to false right as is collides. Anyone know a workaround?! Gif for reference: https://gyazo.com/936089f82927c5d5f09c804dfb9546c2
  5. So im working on a creature that uses alpha blending fur, and its also animesh. Everything looks fine when animesh is disabled, but as soon as I enable it, I can only see the outer layer. The other fur layers are there, and rigged properly, but they cant be seen for some reason. When I turn alpha masking on, I can see all of the fur layers. Any help with this one?
  6. Hey there, I have created a fully server based fishing system, and its all working and in testing. I am looking for someone who would like to make fish and marine life for the system, and add new creatures periodically. I do 3D model, but the size of this project requires more than one person. The script for marine life is complete already, so all I would need are the models, posed in a few frames to swim (alpha frame motion). If you do not know how to do framed motion, I can always show you. Take a look at our website so far, and I will give you an in-world demo/the items to try it out before
  7. Hey there, I am an established store, looking for someone who can rig items like clothing, and rings. I do rig, but I would like to ease my work load, and focus on creating items instead of rigging. Send me a message in-world if you are interested, Thanks. Kira Alena.
  8. Hey there, Im Kira Alena, the owner of Clover. I am currently looking for a blogger manager with experience, to help keep track of my bloggers. I need a hand keeping things running smoothly, because as much as I love handling that aspect, I dont mave much time anymore. I am currently an established brand, with a blogger team, and im looking to add to that and clean it up a bit. Send me a message/Notecard in-world if you are interested.
  9. Sure, Here is the log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ci3f5kibpopoce/BlackDragon_2.27.2020.log?dl=0
  10. I appreciate the help, but that didnt seem to work, unfortunately.
  11. SO this has been happening for a while, but the official LL viewer, or black dragon has issues with a specific account. I can log on fine with my alt, but on my main account, the viewer freezes almost instantly after login, and it eventually crashes. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hey there, I am currently taking on some new projects. If you need any mesh, or scripting work done, please visit my website for some more information: https://clovertec.net
  13. Hey there, I am the creator of the Venus pregnancy system, and I am looking for some people to roleplay as doctors at our clinic location. I have all of the doctor equipment set up, and I am looking for independent doctors to occupy a room (free of charge), and offer services to patients needing help. You will get patients recommended to you, a free room with all Venus doctor equipment, and you can charge them whatever you wish. Please contact me at Kira Alena. You are required to have the Venus pregnancy Hud. This will be given to candidates for free.
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