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  1. Hola campanitas! debrías empezar a usar Blender y Marvellous Designer....no son fàciles pero hay un montón de tutoriales por youtube suerte
  2. Got Mine!!! in the new area!! YAAAAYYY
  3. i think that all of these are the abandoned old houseboats not the new ones! cause we hadnt any news from Patch Linden
  4. First One wins a pickle on a stick!
  5. I was refreshing...lol😁..and i saw a new option for houseboats but it says Bellisseria...i suppose this one is the old ones no?
  6. So....i cant wait to post my first words here in this forum!....this is Epic! the more fun ive had in years here in SL following this topic and awaiting the new Homes on the Water Good Luck to all!
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