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  1. What I'm looking for is a response from a Linden. Why on earth would you change these over to web based AND link us to Facebook, Twitter, etc?? And why havent you listened to us with TAKING THESE OUT?? (or at least making them "optional"?) I just LOVE how the issue has been "closed" : https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3494 Its stupid changes like these and NOT listening to us that really, really make me hate Second Life sometimes. I've debated leaving a few times and I keep holding out for hopes that maybe they make GOOD changes that we've been asking ... no, wait..... BEGGING for and all they can do is add widgets!!
  2. Patric.... theres an online HUD you can buy on Marketplace for free that lets you add nonfriends to it to see when they are online (you can also add friends who may be "ghosting" from you) ... its made by Learjeff Innis. Comes in handy!
  3. I'll half agree Kentar... its a SLIGHT improvement over the tiny windows. One step forward: Letting us finally "blow up" photos and see them bigger and profiles easier to read/bigger in size.... Two steps back: Screwing up Pick order/Groups on top (um why?) and then linking it to the outside world. If this is a step towards something better, I hope they start running.
  4. Yes, my partner does not have a RL Facebook profile, however after accidentally doing the 2.5 upgrade, I showed him how to "untick" the "being searched on the web" option... but I think we're both weary of it actually working or not. But I'm pretty sure if someone still "likes" the profile, it'll still show up SOMEwhere, but I can't be sure. I tried to "like" it last night and I kept getting a blank web screen for Facebook. Theres quite a few of us who do NOT want to be searched or linked to the real world and I wish LL would understand that.
  5. And just as a future note to the Lindens: If they're going to implement ideas for the "offline/web-based" Second Lifers, give us an email address so we can send messages while we are offline to those who are online, and vice-versa. Forget Facebook. Forget Twitter. In a few years, those sites will be like Myspace anyways .... non-existant. ... or hey, maybe a way to access our inventory while offline. ... or maybe even an easier way to use Marketplace without the "box". I wish they had some kind of HUGE survey for actual users to give more feedback and maybe even scouts to find out what we want, instead of this pointless dribble they keep changing/adding.
  6. When I tried 2.5 Beta, I actually thought I would like it (minus the Facebook linking, etc). Once I actually downloaded it and tried to use it on a normal basis.... I ended up quickly switching back to 2.4. Issue #1 : I lag like crazy in 2.5. After just purchasing a brand new HP Envy laptop, I've been able to walk around normally in 2.4 with graphics at Ultra AND shadows enabled without a single issue. However, in 2.5, not only do I lag everywhere, but if I turn shadows on for a while to do photos... it tends to overheat my laptop and even force a shut down. Fail. Issue #2 : I did like the new profiles... for a while. Then they just because a nuisance for me. Its nice that they still (albeit half-assed) show up in sidebar, however I wish we could keep ALL of the profile in the sidebar, but give the option to pop it out into a web browser. Seems as tho the first "2nd Life" page is "web only", however the "Picks" section is still readily available. Strange to me. Plus it pops up over my playing screen, I keep having to minimize it because it covers everything and doesn't stay out of the way... but I think thats just me. LOL Issue #3 : I read in a previous comment that others are having this issue too.... I go to open someones profile and MINE pops up. This bug needs to be fixed, its just flat out annoying. Issue #4 : I like the check box to make your profile NOT shown on the web AT ALL but stil shown in Second Life to either everyone, friends, etc.... however, I'm not sure if this Facebook widget thing still works or not or how they plan on implementing it from getting "Liked" even if someone else lets their information known. Plus it seems as tho the settings don't stick? I've clicked "Save" but I'm extremely weary on profiles even being shown on the internet. I know that before they still were on SL.com's search, but nothing was linked to other websites such as Facebook. Its nice they gave us the option to not have it searched, but honestly... JUST GET RID OF IT!! I won't be upgrading from 2.4 unless some things are either fixed or just taken out completely because it was nothing but an annoyance for me. :\
  7. I will have to put my 2cents in on this one as I just now DL'd the beta viewer. 1. I do like the new profiles. Just curious if this means video insertion will be coming up soon? I sure hope so. Its nice that we can finally ZOOM on the photos again too, I missed that! However profile "decorations" such as hearts, etc, are not shown on all computers... which is kind of a downer. It is a little strange, tho, that you can't see your profile on the side bar but you can see your picks. It would be nice if you can still see both but have the "Profile" button placed at the bottom to pop it out into the web browser. 2. MOST people in SL use it as a way to escape from RL and to be someone/something else... PLEASE DO NOT make us link it to our RL without giving us a choice (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc). I, myself, don't mind so much but I have quite a few friends who are NOT going to go for this one bit and might actually empty their profile if theres a chance of this happening without a voice in the situation. Therefore, I would vote to have this as an OPTION ONLY feature. Please ever so kindly. (edit: read the Linden post concernig the FB/Twitter profile sharing, having the option to opt out is nice, and its great to see us getting a foot in the door with this issue) WHAT I MISS: 3. Look At/Pointing At crosshairs WITH names. 4. FLY button at the bottom, so I don't have to keep going into "Move" or pushing the Page Up button. Also a distance meter that I could see when I"m flying up so I know how high I am. Such a pain in the a** to guess. 5. Please add a distance number to those who are in the Nearby tab. Its nice to be able to sort them by distance, but at least tell me how far they are!
  8. I hate the idea of Display Names and wish it was never put forth... theres just too much that could go wrong with it. I wish they would actually do something that users WANTED instead of "hey lets throw this new idea out there" and go forth with it. I honestly hope one day we can do more on our dashboard while not logged on... it would be nice to add/delete friends and send IMs when i'm not able to actually get on SL. Or maybe just an SL email that would send in and out of world? The fact that they implement useless features kind of irk me... they need to listen to Second Lifers a lil more.
  9. I'm not upset with this decision at all.... Besides, we have enough ways to keep in touch with other SL'ers. Not only can we use normal messengers (Yahoo, MSN, Skype, etc) but many are using Plurk as a way of communicating on a daily basis without the use of SL. Not to mention, theres always the use of 2ndHub since SLProfiles kind of went downhill. I will also agree with one commenter that an inworld email address would be wonderful, and maybe a quick Instant Messenger download if we're not able to be inworld during, say, work.
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