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  1. I recently changed my main profile photo and it seems to have changed IN my profile, but it won't change in the sidebar or as the chat icon. Is anyone else having this issue? This was edited days ago so I've relogged a few times since then and even tried to change it to the new photo AGAIN and made sure I saved it. Yet... everyone is still seeing the old one.... tho I see it if I open my actual profile webpage. Needin some help! Thanks :)
  2. I"m having the same issue! Its driving me nuts. No one sees the new photo unless they actually bring up your profile, otherwise the old one always shows. I've relogged and its even been a few days and nothing has caught up yet. Is this a bug??
  3. I submitted a ticket. I gotta say, that deleting from the Marketplace and yelling IPP because of an incorrect category is ... well... an "incorrect category" on their part.
  4. Well typically if your items are removed because of the IPP, they remove them from your inventory also but mine are still there, they just deleted them out of my Marketplace box and off of the site. Just a few extra more steps just to reload them back on, but seriously.... its a pain for some of us who are trying to do business. It only hurts LL int he end also as its less money they're making.
  5. I could understand if there was some sort of copyright... but these are like, trees and butterflies, etc... LOL. LL needs to do something about the flagging tho, because it happens way too often and is sort of an annoyance, especially when theres nothing wrong with them.
  6. Nope... they're just wall decals, just designs on them... no idea why they would be deleted because of the policy ... doesnt go against anything, not to mention it was only the newest ones, all the others are still up and fine.
  7. I've had quite a few new items get flagged for being under the incorrect category, but are easily re-listed and I never have an issue with them. However, this last time they were flagged AND removed due to the Intellectual Property policy when these items are mine and created by MYSELF. Is there a reason to this? Do we have any say before these things happen? I wasn't even notified by email, they just deleted them out of my Marketplace inventory without knowing. Thanks for any help!
  8. I had set up hidden groups in old viewers and are not showing as shown in 2.4 or 2.5 (without searching, mind you) so that bug must not have "hit" me. Also, its a bit presumptuious to assume who is an alt and who isn't and whose alt is whose unless you went thru every single group, but even then, thats still assuming. You'd need a clear knowledge AND an IP address to actually link them. But hey, if someone is that stalkerish to find out... then hi5 on them for actually figuring out the puzzle peices.
  9. I really don't see the huge deal in showing what group I'm in... doubt RL people care about fake stores. However I do care about my profile and whats shown and who is IN my profile for the sake of privacy of others, friends, etc. which is why the linking of profiles to RL social networks is NOT ok with me. Thats actually my biggest gripe here... I wish they would just give us the choice to instead of throwing us into it naked & blindfolded only to reveal that our privacy is no longer... private.
  10. I havent' had an issue with groups being hidden or not, whenever I move from one viewer to the next, they're still not on my profile, so thats good there ... for me anyways. While in 2.5 (for the short half hour or so) I made my profile unsearchable on the web... now that I'm back in 2.4, its nice to know that the setting is there so I don't have to worry. For those who un-tick the searchable profile button, it'll come up a blank page. BUT, I'm still turning blue waiting for the Lindens to actually listen to us and restructure this whole profile/web-browser based crap thats called 2.5.
  11. Theres way too much wrong with this response... no where to start.... but lemme just say that if you've fallen in love so quick that you haven't had a chance to ask where they're from... you have issues. LOL Second Life isn't made to be a "dating service" .. just like its not made to be something like Facebook. A bigger portion than not don't want to be pushed into the RL and WANT to keep their second life private. There ARE dating sites for SL'ers like avmatch.com if you want to go that route.... otherwise, keep it strictly SL. Stop pushing it past the viewer.
  12. Download 2.4 here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Supported_Viewers
  13. Yeah, its the same thing alot of us FB'ers have been bitching about.... changing security and settings to where our information goes who knows where... and now SL is doing it with the "liking" crap and linking us to social networks. We might as well just fill out a form with our home address, social security #, phone number and send it out to EVERYone.... lets just save their web programmers/designers some time. *rolls eyes* FOR ONCE, I'd like someone to keep their word with what they used to say.... that they care about our privacy. Because LL no longer does.
  14. My avatar is gonna have some fun on the Oregon Trail!!! HELL YEAH!
  15. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups Well it seems as tho theres a group meeting over "my.secondlife.com : Updates and feedback concerning my.secondlife.com" ... only ONE Tuesday a month. I would happily go to this if I wasn't working and voice my opinion on this considering they never seem to read the blog posts. Anyone thinking of attending?
  16. HAHAHA Great point... pretty soon we won't have to be in SL to be IN SL. Its all going to be web based or we'll be playing from a damn App in Facebook!
  17. ##*&+@*, I downloaded the 2.4 beta to try to go back but when I open it, I get a message that forces me to viewer 2.5. The only options are download viewer 2.5 or Quit...HELP!, please? Theres a setting in you're preferences to automatically download updates or not. I had to do the same thing.... accidentally downloaded 2.5.... tried it out.... hated it so I went back to 2.4 and changed that aweful automatic updater. Last thing I need is to be pushed into something I don't like repeatedly. .... oh wait. And Mr Linden.... I urge you to actually pay attention to the whole thread. Not pick and choose which ones you're going to read. .... oh wait. Pretty sad, gotta say.... the one thing we're screaming over and what do they do? Try and polish it more bright and shiney... hopeing the light blinds us into thinking its better and more useable and HEY LOOK OVER THERE! ... oh wait, still a web based profile. *shrugs* Lindens can do what they want.... I'll be sitting right there til something major happens ( /me points to the chair over in 2.4)
  18. Yeah I think Trevor covered it.... they're just.... pointless.
  19. Yeah, thankfully I already found that one out when 2.5 installed ... after checking yesterday it was nice to see that I didn't come up. I guess people don't understand that your profile CAN be hidden, but I"m still curious that if someone "likes" your profile, if it still shows up on a FB page?
  20. /me is still waiting to see a Linden comment on this all and their side of things. /me turns blue.
  21. All 3 of you have a point. New SL'ers who happened to find out about it by ways of networking sites probably won't have the time it takes to be put into SL and figure things out. It took me a great deal to get used to it all and learn the ropes. And even know, with a full time RL job, SL has been pushed down to "nightly" and "weekends only". There aren't enough designers/photoshop pros/scripters/etc who play around w mundane "friend" sites who will take the time out of their schedule to become one of the mass producing avatars we are used to hearing of.... i.e. Vista, etc etc. I honestly think most of SL's population is geared more towards gamers and money makers (those who have the time to put into it anyways). So they'll gain the attention of those who end up veering from WoW and Sims. I do understand WHY Linden Labs is doing this but as Cody says, you really need to listen to the customers who have been around longer and actually implemented the changes and used the features on a regular basis. We're the ones bringing in the money NOW. LL would be better off if maybe they at least tried to listen to us SOMEtimes but it seems as tho every word we seem to scream at them goes at the bottom of the pile and what happens is.... this mess. And have they ever heard of word of mouth? Poor newbies will be joining, making friends who have been around for a while, and then hearing the huge pile of complaints and even explaining the "brand spanking new" features that wont allow them to keep their new second life private. Way to kill that wonderful idea that Second Life originally attracted people in the first place! ... seems as tho it might just push them away.
  22. Well heres the thing.... In my first year of SL (as just an average user, nothing special, no business's, no sims, nothing).... I spent an average of 100K Lindens. In my second year of SL (renting land, now owning a small business, etc) .... I couldnt even calculate how much money I've put into the game. So a thought for ya.... Out of the new joiners (who just happened to see this thing called Second Life on their FB and honestly know NOTHING about it, nor even knowing the changes, etc) .... say.... 10 join.... 3 or 4 stay on (hell, I'll even say 6 to be nice).... in that first year of those new members.... wouldn't you think that 3 or 4 or even 6 OLDER users will be spending more money inworld than they will be? My answer would be yes. This just means that their calculations of LINKING FACEBOOK = MORE MONEY doesn't equal at all. Keep the ones who have been around longer... chances are, our land plot(s) we own, business's we have going, our shopping at more expensive/known stores.... will be/are helping them more financially in the long run than the new people who just happened to run across a "liked" profile.
  23. Well then that goes back to a previous comment I made about ... curious what the percentage is of those who join as to those who actually stay on. If they join thinking its something like FB, then they'll be surely confused and misguided in that sense. Another thing is, a big portion of FB users aren't going to flock to something like SL (in my opinion). I see more Sims players and WoW players venturing towards SL than FB. Users on FB are there to connect, not fly around sims, spend hard earned cash and clothe an avatar. (but then again, thats my opinion) I jsut don't see the coorelation here other than networking, and even then... if you think about it, Facebook doesn't allow "fake" profiles. They've been taking down quite a few avatar pages because they don't represent real people (which I am in total agreeance with). And you would also think, LL would like to keep existing members as we're probably the ones who are spending more cash compared to new people (who are more likely to leave within the first few weeks of signing up) ... but hey, what do I know? lol
  24. Oh, believe me I know that 200k is NOTHING compared to some in SL. But as just a part-time user who isn't a sim owner, huge business owner, etc... just a random player whose there for fun.... its alot of RL money to throw towards a virtual world. But you have to think... me plus.... however many who have been in game long enough to know how/where to spend cash.... its racking in quite a bit. -- and this is just the "average" user. I also get why they're linking to Facebook, I think most people do.... its Facebook. There are over 200 million active users on it. So sure, LL was bound to jump on the bandwagon... but as I stated, they're missing the biggest, most important "pull" of Second Life.... anonymity. We join SL to get away from RL. If we want FB, you can be sure that 90% of SLers already have it. If we want to mess with Facebook, chances are we are surfing it WHILE playing Second Life. Theres no need to link the two considering most of us don't want to be found. If LLabs ever feels the need to keep its most faithful users, they need to turn up their hearing aide. Thats all.
  25. Thats a great point that is kinda funny, also, in a way. When was the last time you had this many people bitching in a forum, saying "PLEASE Linden Labs!! Link our SL to our RL!!! We love Facebook, make us more like that!!!" *rolls eyes* I guess they never got the memo that the majority of SL'ers keep SL & RL private and seperate? I think they're skipping all the BS we want and are thinking with $$. And while losing only a few members and gaining alot more could be well worth it, some of those older members are the ones who are dropping serious cash and also MAKING LL serious cash also. I've only been around SL for 2 years and have easily spent over 200,000Lindens inworld. Last night I ran into a huge group of newbies at a newcomer sim and most of them were complaining how boring it seemed and didn't get the concept (as most do).... so I'm curious the percentage of those who join to those who actually stay on? They need to get their heads out of their ass (i.e. Lindens) and listen to those who have been around for the longest and have used and come to know and love the virtual world viewer.
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