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  1. So I put up a new profile picture, but it wouldn't show up in that little icon next to my name in chats. (I use SLV2) The icon still showed my old pic. So I went back to the picture and just removed my photo. That got rid of the old picture and put up the no picture icon. I relogged and then put up my new picture, but it only shows up in my profile, not in that icon next to my name, the icon shows the no picture icon! If anyone understands what I just said (sorry I know its kinda confusing) and has dealt with this please help! and please don't say oh you should use phoenix.... Because that's not what I'm asking.
  2. Okay so I would like to buy my own region (a private island not mainland), but I cannot afford the 300 monthly right away. I have been looking all over but I cannot find clear information about this so I just decided to ask here. I have my own server so is it possible to host my own region on my server? And if so would i still have to pay LL the same amount? If you know anything about this please explain it to me!
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