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  1. I forgot to add that Phoenix on the 2011 MacBook Air with OS X Lion performed at about 2/3 the fps of SL V2 and FireStorm Beta. However, even though slower, it performed perfectly as well. Sorry for the omission )
  2. I tested the new MacBook Air (10.5", 1.8 GHz I7, 4 Gb RAM, Intel Graphics 3000, Lion) with the latest (July 28, 2011) versions of the Second Life, Phoenix, and Firestorm Beta viewers. FPS was recorded at each of two altitudes (25M and 2700M) using each of the four Render Quality Settings (Low, Mid, High, Ultra) for each of the three viewers. Default settings were used with one exception: the draw distance was altered to 200M for each Render Quality Setting. The Second Life viewer and FireStorm Beta had similar results (25M altitude Low:28 fps Ultra:10 fps) (2700M altitude Low:58 fps Ultra:37 fps). The 25M altitude was a texture and script rich rendering challenge and the 2700M altitude was a sky build with many fewer textures and scripts. Subjectively all viewers performed well, rendering nice reflections in Ultra. I spent a few hours inLife using FireStorm Beta with varied activities, many teleports and sims and Firestorm performed perfectly. Bottom line. The new 2011 MacBook Air with OS X Lion performed perfectly with the three tested viewers.
  3. Phoenix works fine. I too have the "skies lost" issue. Will report back after reloading. Oh, if you noticed the lack of repeating characters ... It's a "feature" of Lion.r
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