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  1. Welcome Rod, You took a great step and learned the product. I have been in almost 7 years and have trained several new avatars. They always ask 3 questions when they get in. 1. What is the goal of the game? 2. How do I make money? 3. How do I find other places and friends? The goal to the game should be addressed in the platform presentation. Money should be addresed at help island and How to create calling cards and landmarks should be part of the training. You will find that some avies will be impatient and tp to the mainland without basic skills and leave the environment before they h
  2. Welcome Rod and Happy Holidays :-) People are creatures of habit. Sometimes it's hard to differenciate between the VW and RW and it becomes more of an HR chore than a bottom line scenario. When that line starts to blur, its good to have a different perspective.. It's good to have fresh blood in the mix. IM if you need an ear. Pol
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