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  1. Thanks for the info.. Will check out the Omega site.. In the case of the old loved clothes, in several cases I'm pretty sure the creator is not even in SL anymore, considering I bought the outfit in 2006. Oh well, theres always the fallback to the tried-true classic body when I want to wear the old stuff... Thanks all!! Cyd
  2. I'm super-new to mesh body parts.. I finally broke down and bought a Maitraya Lara body and a LeLutka Stella head.. My question is this: Back in my "classic-body" days I went crazy and made a bunch of tattoos, which of course, worked just fine on my old "classic" body.. I also gave away quite a few of them to friends, who now are asking me if I can make them usable on *their* fancy new mesh body.. Referring to the fact I'm super-new to mesh bods, Is there *something* I can buy that will allow me to make an "applier" for these tattoos? Since I'm the creator of the tattoo, I suspect there wouldn't be any rights issue involved.. I also suspect there would be different tools for different body/heads? For now, all I'm interested in, is getting them to work on my (and a couple of friends) Maitraya bodies, perhaps later on others, if I find I'd want to get into selling them... Also? I have a LOT of favorite "system" clothes from my long time on SL.. Is there ANY way to hand-make an applier for these as I'd dearly love to have some of them for my new mesh bod.... Thanks for the help! Cyd
  3. Wow! Thanks.. I just assumed that a latest version of *any* browser would default to TLS 1.2.. That seems to have fixed it... Thanks Tas
  4. Hi Whirly I'm using Linux (Ubuntu 14.04). As far as I can tell Firefox 46.0.1 defaults to TLS 1.2, since 1.0/1.1 are security risks.. I experienced a while back on Youtube being told I needed to upgrade my browser (once again I was on the current FF version at the time). Turned out it was some weirdness in Youtubes browser detection scheme.. Could that be whats going on here?? Tas
  5. I'm using the latest Firefox browser (46.0.1) and I get a large orange banner warning me my browser does not support TLS 1.2 and suggests I upgrade my browser before sometime in June.. Umm.. Kinda hard to upgrade the latest viewer to anything newer. I suspect this is some bug in LL's MP website.. Any ideas/fixes?? Right now its just a semi-annoying banner, but after the date in June passes, I'm warned I won't be able to conduct financial transactions with LL using it (so it claims).... Tas
  6. Thanks! Will scope out that log closer.. it is awfully dense, information-wise... Tas
  7. Finally able to get into beta/wanderton sandbox... Same error.. Beginning to think its high time to spend more time on other grids besides SL... Things seem to work better there...
  8. Thanks.. I have several other items I've converted from obj to dae, this actually happens on all of them.. oops. should have mentioned that first off.. But they ALL upload fine via FS on OpenSim (both OSGrid and my standalone Opensim "sandbox").. Will get a screenshot of the error, and post it on this message... Update: Tried to login to the beta grid, seems the only sandbox I apparently have access to (Wanderton) is off-line.. Certainly not gonna try uploading to the main grid until I *know* things are copacetic... Will try later... Tas
  9. I have a mesh dae file that I've converted via Meshlab from obj to dae. I have uploaded it successfully via Firestorm to several Opensim instances with zero issues. Once uploaded, the created mesh object looks perfect. However... when I try to upload it to either SL grids, I get "object failed to upload: multiple errors while validating asset: upload_invalidasset.. See the log file for details"... I gotta ask: WHAT log is it referring to, as I see nothing regarding mesh upload errors in the /users/xxxx/appdata/roaming/firestorm_x64/logs/firestorm.log ... is there some other log that I'm not aware of catching these mesh errors?? Been in SL a LONG time, but just now starting to learn mesh-y stuff... Tas
  10. Hi! I'm well aware of the differences between SL and OS.. The build I am having this problem with has no megaprims, in fact, since LL dropped the brain-dead 10m prim size limit, I don't see much need for them, at least in what I build, which are often fairly large. The build I'm seeing this on is maybe 20m high and 20m across, and is only a bit over 100 prims.. As I'm typing this, I'm in Sandbox Examplar, with the build all selected, the build window showing "multiple selection", and its been close to 20 minutes with all prims selected... still waiting for the "Link" and "Unlink" buttons to ungrey.. This does NOT happen *all* the time, there have been several days recently where once the prims were all surrounded and selected, the link button took maybe 30 seconds to appear.. I strongly suspect this is an asset server issue, but I wanted to see how pervasive it was before I contact Linden Lab support... Tas
  11. For the last week or so, I've been intermittantly having the inablity to link builds in several of the premium sandboxes.. I do most of my building in Opensim/OSGrid, but came back to SL to finish up a build that will be hosted on SL.. I'm at this moment in Sandbox Astutula, and have a 114 prim build that I have *surrounded* with the build tool, which normally ungreys out the Link and Unlink buttons.. I've been waiting for over 20 minutes for the buttons to ungrey, with no luck. This has happened several times in the last week, otherwise, after surrounding the build, the link/unlink buttons become active within a minute or less... The other times this has happened, I've given up, deleted the build and logged off.. This has happened in Pristina, Exemplar and Verenda.. I'm on Firestorm, but also get the same problem on Singularity and Exodus... I do not use the LL viewers.. Has anyone else seen this anomoly?? Tas
  12. Ubuntu stuff is all well and good, but does anybody out there in SL run Debian Wheezy? I *used* to run Ubuntu until Unity.. blech.. Now its Debian & Cinnamon.. Anyway, I'm beating my head against the wall with the same problem there... Seems all of the Debian derivatives have dumped ia32-libs.. I admit the multiarch idea is great, but HOW IN THE heck does one install a 32bit app thats not a .deb and apparently has not been built "multiarch-aware"?? Tas
  13. I'm trying to upload mesh on the beta grid.. I can log into the beta grid fine, but when I attempt to upload I'm told I don't have rights to upload mesh. I went thru the rigamarole to get approved on the main grid to upload mesh and I assumed that when I synchronized my inventory with the beta grid, the fact that I can upload mesh on the main grid would carry over.. Apparently you have to take the little quiz on the beta grid too.. The "more information" link on the mesh upload window goes to a "web error-more information in logfile"... I'm assuming that link is the one to the "mesh quiz".. I tried going to the LiveChat and and they were not helpful... How do I get word to them that apparently one of their webservers has croaked?? Tas
  14. lovely.. there goes my plan.. A mesh body is not gonna look like me, so thats no good.. Unless of course, I'm misunderstanding a "rigged mesh body".... Thanks Tas
  15. I'm trying to make a costume for halloween that is a ghost.. I want to essentially be my normal avatar, except be partially invisible. I've been playing with the new alpha layer "clothing", and found its a piece of cake to make a "clothing" alpha that makes either all of me or parts of me invisible. I'd tried making a 50% transparent tga in gimp and loading that texture on the head/upper/lower/etc. on the alpha configuration popup. But it doesn't work... Not sure why.. Not a real whizkid on gimp/alpha layers etc... Help!!! Tas
  16. http://www.techeye.net/internet/microsoft-to-buy-second-life IF this rumor is true, theres what LL has been working towards... PAYDAY!!!!!
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