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  1. I'm sure when you turn off particles in your preferences you won't see the red balls anymore and they can't bother you any longer, if that is the main problem...hahaha And if he has fun to sit somewhere in SL to warn people...let him..) I think it's a good thing, and all new Residents should be warned about Bloodlines at their final beginning anyway. No he doesn't do anything wrong, and if he annoys you so pretty much, derender him...LoL
  2. As sad as it sounds..I get stalked since more than 2 years in SL by two people, and they are doing exactly the same. They create Avatars with my name, putting pics of someone in their profiles who is NOT me, and every AR got ignored by LL. I don't know why I should hide, why I should give up, I never did, and never do anything wrong. I think LL should finally pay attention at these stalker problems, they have such an easy life in SL, and Members who do no harm to anyone, who love their SL since 6 years now, who paid so much RL money for SL getting to loose their fun on SL (
  3. I guess they have some server probs.....do you know when your computer shuts down for some unknown reason, does he gives you a warning...like..."in 5 mins you´ll have a blue screen"???? pfffft
  4. OMG it happened so many times 4 or 5 years ago, they will be back soon....PLUS...NO ONE can log in so no one has to worry if the have dates or appointments LOL
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