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  1. Thanks to all for your posts for your clarification and your smiles .. and above all thank you for being neighbors are all together again and I had no idea what was succedento .. I apologize if I'm wrong to post here my problem is not knowing it was a problem at all .. and now that all sorted out and we all fectly online wish you all a good fun always with a smile thanks thanks thanks
  2. yesss innula ..... the dear old forum hahahha the first mini chat: P
  3. I would like to respond to aurelia ... aurelia, but ... You know why people are on sl? I do not know but farces do not even know you .. and everyone here for a reason and if you think about it may be many reasons .. now I wonder why you're not cleaning the house and like all of us are here to read us ... I can understand it ... a limited edition of god maybe you clean the house alone .. RIGHT? lol .. some advice ... do not think that we are all equal because we are not all limited editions of god anyway aprezzo your post and you're right ty for post aurelia ))))
  4. thanks thanks and thanks again to all .. My heart stood still for a moment :P hehehe now I'm more calm and I hope I can return earlier this problem scusanche ask for my English as an Italian and not speaking the language very well, thanks alllllllllllllllll
  5. ok I see that are not lunico to have this problem .. I hope it resolves soon .. Thanks to everyone close to me:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. because my account disabled? this problem will correct itself with a bit of time and if you how soon? is a second problem, or are disabled live forever
  7. I can not connect to the second live Yesterday I received a second request to live to change something in your pc now I can not optimize more to come as if I had the connection ... some sites I can not live a second longer to see them now I ask if anyone can help me to solve this problem .. I restored my pc to a week now when I open the program gives me the link but I do have access mon .. I hope someone can help me and let me know at least something here
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