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  1. I meant Vanyar. The Vanyar are elves, the Vanir were not. The Norse elves were known as the Alfar. And thank you Ethan, I didn't catch that.
  2. Do you have a love of horses and elven gowns? The Alfarian of Valgard are a beautiful synergy of LotR’s Rohirrim and Vanyar elves set in a Nordic-Anglo-Saxon word that brings the beauty of these ancient sagas and eddas alive. With a vast culture, sophisticated religion, and a deep sense of history the noble race of Valgard is the choice for the discerning role-player. Comraich opened on March 8th, 2018 and is currently successful and active with solid traffic. See whats happening on Flikr https://www.flickr.com/groups/thekingdomsofcomraich/
  3. Bump Landing is in on a new sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ring of Fire/172/120/27 Official opening March 8th
  4. It will be the year 678. For more then 500 years the World of Comraich has known only the those of Valgard, Telrae'dor and Zuben. In each of the last ten years, rumors of border activity, unusual sightings, and even attacks have been reported. The Dyrling Rangers report a change in the flavor of the forest, the Euresu Oracles warn of coming strife and the Valgarin Shamans claim that the fabric of fate has been ripped. There sits on the three thrones each a king and queen but their rulership may soon come to an end. A dark prophecy predicts, "In the time when all three thrones stand in dispute, we shall return." Within days of the Autumn Equinox, in the year 677, three dire events came to pass. First, the King and Queen of Valgard lost their only heir and the clans prepare for war. Second, the King of Telrae'dor takes ill to his bed, his son and heir a Dubh Gentry. Civil war seems on the brink of eruption as some of the noble houses are rumored to support Aethemarc, the son of Queen Winifred. The King and Queen of Zuben celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, and rumors spread that the Queen is pregnant. That which has not been seen in more than half a millennium stirs and that which was fallow shall rise again ... Opening 2018 Comraich is a realistic fantasy world geared for political role-play between player factions striving to win one or all of the three thrones. Created originally in 2004 for a private Ultima Online shard, we are delighted to finally bring this world alive in Second Life. If you crave immersion, historical elements, and world conflict this sim is for you. The custom mesh sim is being crafted by the professional build team of SOF Designs, with more then 15 years of combined experience in SL building. The fiction represents a combination of approachable popular fiction blended into a realistic depth that should appeal to any fan of historic earth cultures. An automatic solution to manage the complexities of political faction role-play is under development; a completely player driven story line without the bias of seers or admins. We invite you to join the facebook page and the Second Life Group. Weekly Q&A are held on Friday Nights at 6 pm at the SOF Designs Store Front. Website: www.comraich.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/comraich/ SL Group: http://world.secondlife.com/group/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/comraich8567/ This is a build prototype of White Briar, the capital of Telrae'dor. There will be two more cities, as well as a forested ground.
  5. We would like to invite you to come visit Grimmrfell on Gale Winds. We are a norse role-play sim that combines the history and culture of the Viking age, approximately 914, with the folk lore and mythology of the time by including 4 uniquely northern races in addition to humans; Dwarves, Frost/Snow Elves, Huldra ("land and sea nature creatures similiar to dryads, mermaids and fauns/satyrs"), and Spirit Animals ("sentient talking quad animals aka Narnia"). We are a non-metered sim, for pure role-play, welcoming both new and experienced players. We have an active and friendly community that will make you feel welcomed. Please stop by and see for yourself why Grimmrfell was on the top editor's picks for 3 weeks in a row. Let us show you northern hospitality. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gale%20Winds/250/21/22 or read more at http://www.grimmrfell.com Sim Premise To create a sim primarily based on historical foundations, while allowing for the freedom of “living mythology”. To us, this means neither a completely history based foundation, nor does it mean an open-ended fantasy foundation. We would like to create a world who’s primary focus is on the cultures, beliefs and superstition of the Norse people, but may include those non-human peoples to whom the Norse believed were an ever present reality of their lives. Because a role-play sim requires a certain level of conflict to keep role-play entertaining, we are introducing four races that will have a racial home on our sim. These races are the Humans, Dwarves, the Hrimalfar ("Frost/Snow Elves") and the Nature Race (Huldra & Spirit Animals). Humans and Hrimalfar are traditionally in conflict with each other, more so because of nature, than because of racial hatred. Hrimalfar are, in essence, the mortal children of Frost Giants and Light Elves and make their home on the seas. The Humans, in this case, follow the traditions of Oath and Law and consider other Norse people who make war upon them to be outcasts of society. The Dwarves practice their craft of brewing and smithing along side the humans. The fourth group, the Nature Race, represent the neutral land guardians of the sim, and include sentient talking 'non-anthro' animals. They tend to be an independent lot who may be swayed by offerings and respect. This should give us four balanced groups that have the opportunity to roll between conflict, compromise and treaty, naturally.
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