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  1. The inactivity fee seems to only apply to USD amounts from sold L$ that have not been processed to the user's bank for 12 months, in accounts that have not been accessed in any way (including just logged into to check on) in that time. The verification seems to be a preemptive form of the current process by which a person's SL account gets locked after a certain amount of L$ has been withdrawn, until that information is provided. It seems that this will prevent SL account locking by requiring the information only for the financial aspect, and will do it up front to prevent surpris
  2. If people needed to actually travel to the busy places there are on the mainland, others may be more inclined to buy parcels for shops between there and the telehub to take advantage of the traffic. That's how it was before point to point teleporting.
  3. I agree that reducing group limits for free accounts is a very bad idea, which is why I'm glad they didn't do that. Instead, increasing them for premiums seems like a much better idea. However, if they want to nerf free accounts, perhaps they should consider limits on point to point teleporting on mainland sims for free accounts (not for private sims). That's a change that could actually have a positive economic effect, in driving vehicle sales, and even adding a niche for taxi/airline services.
  4. Totally a trailer park. Premiums fall on hard times too?
  5. It's not as if people who engage in SL combat are griefers, any more than people who play CoD go out and shoot people. Even within the "combat area" of the Gulf, civilian vehicles are left alone, and those that don't leave them alone are considered griefers even by the local combatants, and often banned from their sims to prevent rezzing of aircraft there, and even abuse reported. I sail my steam-modded Mary Celeste and Bandit 60 in the Jeogeot Gulf often, just to relax. Always wished it was bigger, though, and if a passable sea-connection is made between there and the new sea channe
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