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  1. I am working on rigging the male TMP designer Kit to the Avastar skeleton. I have been successful. But now I have run into a question. Maybe this pics will help explain. This pic shows the male kit along side the avastar rig. https://gyazo.com/3424a46efada0e3ce03b4818299adedb Then I noticed that there is a check box for male rig in the avastar menu. Checking this changes the rig. https://gyazo.com/88cff2f5b16fc46b8193c7630e743364 This pic shows the kit rigged to the avastar skeleton without the box checked. https://gyazo.com/1ec5c9f217962e219908bc0f93259c25 If I check the box after rigging this happens. https://gyazo.com/07fe9315a8be1d48fcb0749bc83fad67 Obviously it distorts the mesh. Is it going to be a problem to make them on the model without the box checked and then try to wear them on a male avatar in SL?
  2. Sorry didn't realize the link would require a log in. This is the answer to the jira I filed in Firestorm. Hmmmm the grass at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral%20Reef%20Island/160/71/24 is pretty evil. I dont crash when camming through this grass but I was watching my GPU load and when not passing my cam through that grass, GPU load is about 30-40%. Panning cam through the grass my GPU load is always at 99%. When the grass is out of my view, Im getting about 100FPS at that location. When panning cam throrough the grass I drop to about 10 FPS - pretty drastic performance hit. I have a feeling your computer is going to be restarting itself whenever your GPU load is at max. A slightly different case but take a look at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5719 Especially what Runitai says here - "The crash mode and trigger for the crash make me think it would happen with any program that hits 100% GPU usage. Panning the camera through dense layers of transparencies (the foliage) causes lots of overdraw" Your grass appears to be causing the same. If you grab GPU-Z (its free) you can keep an eye on your GPU load to see if the computer is always restarting when the load gets to 100% - http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ CPU: Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (2672.77 MHz) Memory: 12279 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 770/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.18.0013.3523 OpenGL Version: 4.4.0 RestrainedLove API: (disabled) libcurl Version: libcurl/7.24.0 OpenSSL/1.0.1e zlib/1.2.6 c-ares/1.10.0 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.3.2 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.26 Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded) Voice Server Version: Vivox 4.5.0009.17865 Settings mode: Firestorm Viewer Skin: Firestorm (Grey) Font Used: Deja Vu (96) Draw distance: 128 Bandwidth: 1000 LOD factor: 3 Render quality: Ultra (7/7) Texture memory: 512 MB (1) Built with MSVC version 1600 Packets Lost: 0/876 (0.0%)
  3. I ran into a similar problem. http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/SUP-13709?filter=-2
  4. The answer is reset to rotation and scale. That resets the bounding box
  5. Figured it out. My bounding box is slanged on the mesh. Using stretch on the x axis got it back to the shape it is supposed to be. I guess won't be a problem inworld, but what caused this in Blender and how can I keep this form happening again? http://www.flickr.com/photos/37032263@N07/9627047097/
  6. My mesh object looks a little sheared inworld but it isn't in Blender. How can I correct this? In Blender http://www.flickr.com/photos/37032263@N07/9626905247/ Rezzed inworld http://www.flickr.com/photos/37032263@N07/9626903343/ --||-
  7. My mesh object looks a little sheared inworld but it isn't in Blender. How can I correct this? In Blender http://www.flickr.com/photos/37032263@N07/9626905247/ Rezzed inworld http://www.flickr.com/photos/37032263@N07/9626903343/ --||-
  8. Thanks you guys. I was able to get 2.63 downloaded to a different directory. It does have seem to have some features that would make modeling easier. B-Mesh would be great if was n-gons were supported in collada.
  9. Is there a way I can download 2.63 and still keep 2.61? I tried downloading it but it replaced 2.61 and it didn't retain the plugins I had in 2.61. I was able to get 2.61 back with it's plugins by doing a system restore.
  10. Thanks Valerie! Over the years I have dabbled in all kinds of creation in SL. It is one of the things I love about SL, creating or just getting to see the marvelous things others create. Most of the time it has just been a personal challenge to see if I could do it. I have never tried to sell anything in SL, although I have wondered if I could. I don't know how much of a market for Louis XV furniture there is in SL. If I am able to get some animations in them that work for the period, I might look into it. Yes I have already thought of doing in other colors and patterns as well.
  11. I've made some period furniture before using sculpts but I wanted to see what I could do with mesh. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. Including the shadow prim it is only 4 LI, less then i could have done sculpts and i was able to get much more detail. I made it in Blender 2.61. Although I am a complete novice with 3D creation it was not that intimidating after having studied the many tutorials available on line. I also have finished modeling a matching settee and just need to finish up a couple of textures for it. I also want to put some animations in them. I have put some static poses that I made in the chair but I think I would prefer something animated. I am not sure of my abilites with animations but I think it will be interesting to see what I can learn.
  12. The user interface in the newer versions of Blender (I'm using 2.62 now) is much better. I had taught myself how to make sculpties on my own using it and now I am having good success working in mesh. There are so many tutorials and videos on using blender plus a lot of users who are willing to give advice in the forums. Sure I get frustrated in figuring out how to do what I want sometimes, but I guess I am also stubborn. Sometimes I have to put a project away for a couple of days until a different I idea of how I want to do something comes to mind or I google for more info. Blender can look daunting to someone who has never used it before but really any 3D building program would. Blender can do some amazing things. I guess the thing is to take it in baby steps. Since it is free there is no reason not to give it a try. I am learning new things every time I create something. I love that "AHA" moment when I overcome a hurdle. I may have a bit of an advantage being from a graphic art background but Blender is the first 3D building program I have tried. If I can do it, I think anyone with enough motivation, willingness to learn and determination can do it also.
  13. I had never heard of Second Life. In 2007, after a former roommate had moved out, I noticed an icon on my desktop called Second Life. I was curious and opened it. He had never made it off orientation island. I moved the avatar around and thought this kind of fun. I took the tutorial and then discovered I could change the appearance of the avatar and made him look as much like me as possible. Of course I didn't know his password so the next time I tried to log on I couldn't, so I made my own avatar. I searched the web for info about SL and learned a wealth of info from blogs and forums. I finally found out there was a whole world out there to explore and began my journey. Those first months I had a great time exploring and hunting for freebies. I found a cool hang out spot and learned so much more from the others there, mostly by just listening to them talk about their projects and finds. I decided I was enjoying this enough to actually put money into it and have been premium ever since. I was really intrigued by the ability to make things and explored all venues of creation. I have taught myself to build, make clothes, animations and moved on to sculpties and am now creating with mesh. My original plan was to sell my creations for spending money in SL. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I enjoyed playing inworld too much to spend the time it takes to be that prolific. The thing I seem to enjoy most is just seeing the all the marvelous things other residents have created.
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