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  1. Which in world animation tool is the best? I'm talking about huds like Animare Pose and Anypose . I just want to make my own poses for photos not sell them. I've got Anypose but it makes such stiff poses, or I'm not good enough with it to get anything but stiff poses. So I am looking into other systems.
  2. oh, wow, thank you! I am honored!
  3. My computer has been upgraded to windows 8. Not my choice I would have preferred windows 7 and I was coming off of Windows XP. To put it simply, Windows 8 and my graphics card do not play nice, I found a legacy diver that made it work, but I do need an upgrade as things just aren't working as well as they used to. Plus its a 5 year old Card. The system requirements page hasn't been updated for windows 8. So I am wondering if anyone knows which cards work best with SL and Windows 8. And are under 100. Yeah asking a lot but I can't afford a super expensive card.
  4. Only the red hair and eye color is the same, seeing as I am not an anthro Fairy cat in RL. For the clothing, Oh I WISH I could dress the way I do in SL in RL. But alas, my pretty gowns have no place in my RL.
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