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  1. I had to switch back to SL viewer as FS wouldn't let me sign in and all was fine SL viewer. When I signed back in and changed my Graphics in Advanced as Default is too harsh to my settings in Firestorm, all of a sudden SL is blurry in any graphics setting: Default or the two I created. Could I have accidentally undocked my camera or need to have to change my graphics card. I have never had a blurry view in SL in either viewer in my 10 years in SL. Anywhere else and everything I see in my PC is crystal clear. How do I fix this? Many thanks IM'ing me is fine. Lune Shadow(thomasine.guisse)
  2. I have a 2048 parcel on a mainland for years(took it over from a friend)and as of today, I seem to be the only one left. Also all abandoned land around me has been Not For Sale for quite a while. Do I have to worry about LL "dissolving" this mainland and I'll have to buy land somewhere else? Any land I've checked is very expensive and bots seem to have cornered the best pieces of land. Also I wanted to extend my land another 1024 on adjacent land if my mainland will remain. I don't think SL wants to sell bits of land--everything around me is a full region and I can't afford that, especially if the new form of SL is to launch later this year.
  3. I have just created my first Pinterest Board. There is a contest for new ideas in a group I belong to. How do I either import my Pinterest board into my SL inventory and/ or send it to the person in SL who is judge for idea contest. I've already gone through several video tutorials and none I've seen covers this. Many thanks(and maybe because I've worked in a university library for decades, I make my searches too complicated out of habit!) Lune Shadow(thomasine.guisse)
  4. I am brand new to Pinterest and have created my first board to send to someone in SL. The images are not from SL. How do I send my board to this SL resident? many thanks Lune Shadow (thomasine.guisse)
  5. I have a 2048 parcel on Linden Land. I have wanted to buy some adjacent abandoned land that is owned by Governor Linden. But I cannot as these parcels' status of "Not for Sale" I have a near neighbor that was able to purchase plenty of for sale and abandoned land and has me hemmed in so even my building platform has so many skyboxes that even lowering the platform doesn't give me much room. Her breeding business is a large one and I don't wish to offend her.But with some residents leaving SL, I think LL would jump at the chance to "sell" abandoned land to residents in good standing. I do not want to go to the hassel of looking for available land, abandoning what I do have and having to pay for both parcels on one month's bill and I can't afford an entire region or sim. Also it is almost impossible to find land with an ocean view, and with LL planning to make an all new version of SL, possibly making us start all over again, I just want another 1024 adjacent plot to have more prims and put up a taller building that would not interfer with my neighbor's view so her business is visible.(Or maybe I do want what to put up my 28m castle and block her view a little, since all the darn skyboxes hem my building platform too closely. Thanks for any help, advise or whatever. Lune Shadow (thomasine.guisse)
  6. I have a lighting script that is still running a half an hour after removing the tea lights item from my parcel. I mistakenly deleted it from my inventory, including emptying it with rest of my trash. I thought I was deleting the original as it was a copy item. I wanted to set up other things on my parcel and was taking most of the items into inventory and deleting items that I had the original already there. Any way to shut it off the lighting script without preventing any other scripts from running(radio, sounds, etc, or do I have to live with the script running and put some kind of item--outside fire, fireplace to make the running lighting script plausible. I've been in SL for over 5 years and have never made such a dumb mistake, I think! Lune Shadow (thomasine.guisse)
  7. I've been setting up a new house and decor. Suddenly when I click on an object to move or take it back into inventory--all I get is the move option--I don't get the window and I can't find where it is hidding. How do I locate it? Many thanks!! Thomasine Guisse
  8. I think I managed to block a griefer/spammer that kept sending me messages to Load a website......? that pops up when I log in SL--it's inside a blue box--but how do I get rid of the objects in my chat line at the top of the screen that kept adding up?Right clicking each object only allows me to close them one at a time and there are probably hundreds. After I close a few, the message "Load a website.....? pops up again. I added the griefer to my Blocked residents list and for now allow only groups to IM me in my Privacy options. It may take days for LL staff to get rid of this person's account and there is no way to prevent this person from just creating a new account. Also there is a possibility that this griefer set this annoying action to keep replicating whether I blocked him/her or not
  9. I already reported this av to LL : fckupasim or fckupasim? as a griefter/spmmer/ possible hacker. Very clever person. Logged in earlier this afternoon and got this weird message in the usual blue box "Load http://goonsqud.com. Am I bothering you Ooops!! fckupasim?" (Snide silent comment from me--Real original name, Ha!) Every Object that appears in chat I right click I only get the option only to close, not who owns it. And for every Object I close I get five more. Get some more every ten seconds or so even if I don't do anything. Hitting the x to close the blue box results in same. Search for whoever this is brings up no results, except when I filled out the Abuse report to LL. And no way I'm going to click on http://goonsqud.com. I'm not that stupid, I want to mute this troublemaker, but fear he or she might be creating multiple accounts and doing this to others who might click the link hoping to stop the Objects popping up in Chat. So is there a workaround to this as it might take LL sometime to solve? Quite a bother to us that are trying to create or rez things. And I don't want to go to another sim and possibly spread this annoyance. Thanks for any help!!
  10. A few SL updates ago any and all of my group titles stopped showing, even when I made sure the "Group title" box was checked in Preferences and I hit ok. Other options, like my name, display name, etc I could and still can, when using SL viewer switch on and off. All work except showing current group. I switched back to Firestorm and have no trouble with group titles showing or not showing there using Preferences as I choose. However my name, group title, and whatever I chose to show appear red(at least to me) which sends me back to using the SL viewer--don't want to stand out from everyone. Firestorm also has a nifty and easy way to show your status/name/rank within your chosen group if you want I can't find on the SL viewer. I prefer the SL viewer because I can enable shadows and such and still be at Mid setting on speed, where on Firestorm, I'm at High. Thanks much for your help--must have missed some sort of obvious direction! Thomasine Guisse
  11. I recently purchased sorme inexpensive rigged mesh clothing kits from the marketplace. I understand the creator's intelectural rights. The kits include the UV maps, alpha for av, and two sample texture examples. But the instructions are pretty hazy. The creator infers that they buyer must create textures. I have lots of fabric textures bought from SL creators. Are these no good for application to mesh clothing, Do I have to create textures. I bought these kits as a trial to make some clothing for myself, and only go into the work for selling if I need it to pay my SL tier and maybe make a few RL $$. Also it seems that you can create mesh clothing from in-world from the creator's directions. There are no clear directions on how to do this, step by step 1) Do I have to use my own created textures--I am no artist!--or use fabric textures from my SL inventory. I have experience in building non-mesh cottages and a few things I built myself, but nothing else. 2) Is the test SL members still in force. I deal with copyright and have seen at least part of the test so I know most of the answers would be no 3)Builder's Brewery offers classes, but usually I've been unable to attend(due to RL work, etc), classes have filled up, or have been rescheduled. 4)If there is a blog or blogs or a manual to buy, please let me know. Many thanks Thomasine Guisse
  12. I'm trying to locate a tiny rezzed object of about 90+ prims. Is one of the new petite bodies. SL was laggy at the time I tried to rez it and item rezzed way off where I wanted it. It is somewhere in sky on my land. Found it once by accident but could not zero in on it and take back into inventory.Isn't found using advanced tools to find. And I've found lots of "lost" objects using "advanced" Any key or sky setting I should use to relocate and take back into inventory? Or do I have to unlock all items on my land and try to take everything back into inventory, including my building platform in order to get that one item back. "Lassoing" all my objects to take back into inventory has always been difficult for me anyway. Thank you for any resolution to this question.
  13. A new neighbor on Linden land next to mine has placed or possibly allowed someone else to place prims very near my land that do produce beautiful effects, but fall on most of my 2048 parcel. This really interupts my own viewing. I've just very politely emailed her about this and even removed my own snow generator prim just in case any particles fall on her land at any time. I don't expect an answer very soon and playing with my advanced settings does remove the effects at the cost of not viewing my own simple and alpha objects. Is LL working on anything that would stop such effects/particles from invading others land? I've known others who have had to literally abandon land, because some people place nice effects on their land and don't care where the particles fall(and then they can buy up the abandoned land). What should I do if I do not get a reply from this resident since this is Linden Land without covenants, of course? I do not wish to antagonize or make any trouble with this resident whose land holdings are larger than mine. I want to resolve this peaceably. Intentional griefers I can deal with, although it takes time. Thomasine.guisse(Alice Brandon Cullen)
  14. I wouldn't abandon the land. If you can't sell and own it, not rent from another av, see if someone is willing to take over the tier payments and transfer the land to them. I got my 2048m land that way when a dear friend was forced by RL circumstances to give up having to pay her large tier and just kept 512m. If you do just abandon land, make sure you take all of your items off it--I have land near me that has all kinds of odds and ends on it and reporting it to LL doesn't seem to result in any action which is strange as much of it has reverted to LL land and not for sale. You'd think LL wouldn't want all those abandoned prims about that add up, considering how much abandoned LL land there seems to be lately. Thomasine Guisse
  15. Make sure you have local lights checked in Preferences first. Make sure on login you are in Advanced and not Basic before you log in so you can find Advanced and or Custom in your Preferences. Sometimes you have to reset them--I have. Usually you can only see the six local lights closest to you and you still may have to check your av's attachments to make sure you are wearing your facelight even if it doesn't seem to be worn and working. Could be an SL glitch, amounts of gigabytes you have free on your computer, your graphics card, and how many people are in the same area. In my experience "bling" seems to be the easiest thing to see and one thing I usually avoid wearing unless it is subtle and I can turn it off too. Hope this helps! Thomasine Guisse
  16. Whenever I uncheck and turn off my Display Name in Preverences and Apply that change my username and group also disappear, even though they are still checked as on. Can other AV's see my username, etc. My Display name is used in RP and I don't always need it or want it, especially if I change my appearance? Don't want to seem antisocial if other avs can't see my info over my av's head
  17. The items, one leaning toward my land but not centered so I can return it to the owner. I have received no reply to my messages and teleport offers so this person can retrieve the item. I have autoreturn set on my land so anything that gets on my land by accident or intention, will be returned to its owners. All the objects I can see are on abandoned land, near mine on Pitreavie. This is mainland, owned by Governor Linden, so I'm guessing there are other items on abandoned mainlands so the prims, especially scripted ones. So does anyone from SL do periodic "sweeps" of mainland that has been abandoned and return lost or abandoned prims to the owners? Especially when some of the land has banlines surrounding it. Many thanks for the help. Thomasine Guisee
  18. I've filed several abuse reports about a resident who has pelted me and my neighbor's land with boxes that are temp rez, bounce and spin onto all land within about a 75-100m radius. I finally found the emitter: Orb Atk which is on my neighbor's land(she isn't much in SL) which is invisible. The boxes make an annoying tapping sound as well. I tried blocking it and the owner of the orb to no avail. The boxes still pelt my land. It has been going on about 3 or 4 days that I know of. I tried editing the Orb Atk today to give LL an exact position, but of course, there is none--clever creator. How long do I have to wait for a resolution? I know LL is short-staffed, but I can't enjoy my land--I have to go to my building platform or elsewhere in SL to escape these #*& boxes! I have only gotten the standard "we have received your abuse report...," but I haven't been contacted for additional information. Thomasine Guisse
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