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  1. Without knowing exactly what you have tried its hard to say. However performing a clean install of the viewer is almost always a fix for 99% of things, The exact way will again depend on their operating system and the viewer they use. But if all else fails, uninstall the viewer, delete the setttings folders manually. Reinstall the viewer.
  2. Convierten utilizando Google Translate, espero que funcione. Este error ha sido recientemente fija en "tormenta de fuego". No sé si es fijo en cualquier otro visor. Yo sugeriría descarga de la última versión de la tormenta de fuego y probarla. Este es el mismo error que se detiene ventanas Web de apertura correctamente. Translated using google translate, i hope it works. This error has recently been fixed on "Firestorm". I do not know if its fixed on any other viewer. I would suggest downloading the latest version of Firestorm and trying it. This is the same error that was stopping web windows opening correctly.
  3. Exactly as you have done, you file abuse reports with linden labs and let them investigate the issue. Other than that, by being a reasonable person so that others know its not really you.
  4. There is an example script to do this on the sl wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Send_home_and_ban_avs_less_than_description_field_days_old
  5. In your account settings you can see what your daily buy/sell limit is. Standard members have less than premium. Break it down into smaller amounts and sell that over a period of a few days. Or raise a support ticket asking for your limit to be raised and then if they agree you will be able to do this in one go.
  6. Did they relog after you gave them edit rights. For some reason after giving edit rights you must relog before they take effect. I would also ask if the object in question was locked?
  7. Any group your a member of where you are set toPay Group Liabilities and Recieve Group Divedends. will bill your account for a percentage of those fees. The 30 lindens is a weekly listing fee for a parcel. if you go to the groups profile, then to the Land & L$ tab you will be able to see which parcel is being billed for. If this is your group and your parcel and you don't wish to list the parcel in search you can of course turn this off in about land. If the group is not yours you can request a roll which does not have pay liabilities option for you. If the group owner is not co-operative you can always leave the group. Its worth knowing, that while that option is set, if the land is sold you will get a share of the sale price from that group owned land.
  8. Lets deal with the music side of things first as this is a lot simpler than the video media. If you can hear music in the SL viewer but not in firestorm then it has to be in the settings of your firestorm viewer. Go to Avatar/Preferences/Sound&Media: In there check you have Streaming music turned up on your volume controls, then go to the music tab. In the SL viewer the default is to play music automatically, where as (i think) the firestorm default is to wait for you to click on the play button. Check your settings match the SL viewer for a like for like experience. It will also be worth checking your privacy settings. Avatar/pricacy/manage block/mute list. Then also the media white and black lists http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix:media_filter Now regarding your media.. there are two main different types of media in SL, you have Parcel and Shared media. Parcel Media: If the land is deeded to a group, the media device using it must be deeded to the same group. If the land is not deeded then the media item must be owned by the same person who owns the land. In order to deed an item to the land group you will need deed rights in that group. If you do not have deed rights in the land group, set the item to the land group (this is done right right clicking on your object and then editing it. go to the general tab and se the group to the land group.), then share it. Once its shared contact someone with deed rights in the land group, they can then come along and deed it for you. Its also worth noting that only items with transfer rights can be deeded. When you deed an item you actually change the ownership to the group. When the object gets returned it is reverted to you and you get it back. Shared Media: Items using shared media do not require deeding to a group and can be displayed on any face of any prim. Depending on your viewer settings you may need to click pay in your media settings first, or you can set them to auto play. There will typically be a web browser like hover text above items which have shared media. It is also worth noting that both media types to work fully will require Quick Time and Adobe Flash players to be installed. I hope this helps.
  9. I don't personally use slink as i make feet myself, however it looks as though your slink feet are made for a much smaller size leg. Even if they are figged for fitted mesh there are certain cases where its very hard to get exact ankle matching, Your shape is one of those cases. The leg muscle section stretches the shape of the ankle where as in 90% of cases one size will fit everyone because the ankle actually changes very little. Do slink offer a bigger size? if so try that, if they don't then you have two choices, go and buy some feet which will fit your shape. Make sure you try demos because given your shape most will not fit you. Alternatively you can reduce your leg muscles and body fat.
  10. Instead of using the script, rez your purchase on the ground then right click on it and select open. You will then be given a button that allows you to copy the contents to your inventory. bypassing the need to have a working script at all.
  11. I can not tell you why its doing that, but i can give you suggestions to try and solve it. I assume its the 3d view that is flickering rather than the whole viewer? Anyway go to your preferences, then graphics tab and hardware. Try turning off streaming vbo's and all the other options in there, then relog and see if it helps. If it does help go back through them one by one untill you find which one is giving you the issue. I might also try doing a clean install if the hardware tab is of no help to you. Perhaps its also worth trying the official linden viewer as well if you have not already. The purpose being to see if its a general issue with display inside the viewer or if its viewer specific. Sorry i can't be more helpful than that without knowing more, but those are the things i would try first. I mihgt also try reinstalling my graphics drivers as part of the course.
  12. walk through on creating material water that looks as good as linden water (reflections are fake though)
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