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  1. The Linden dealing w my ticket tells me there's nothing wrong on the sims. I've got hundreds of physical objects hitting me on mainland Rt 1, and a 2 month old Linden says nothings there. I've now sent screenshots of the objects, the bumps pushes hits, and copies of my ARs. I'm sure it's all imaginary, right? Like the people who want to live on mainland when this is the response. Absolute incompetence.
  2. The issue on the sims in question is self-replicating prim that roll and bounce along the roadway running through this part of mainland. They're invisible but all over at least 11 sims. I filed multiple ARs, as well as a ticket, and was told the same thing by LL: that I should 'file ARs' so that the 'relevant group' would see it and take action. Yes, the scripted objects are invisible. If I turn off transparent, I don't see them. They do, however, take up prim resources, bump me if they hit me while standing, and are a nuisance.
  3. Sorry to see you go, whether I agreed or disagreed with you, at least you were willing to be there to talk to. If you find yourself in Boston, please drop me a line. You've got friends here (my RL and I) who can hook you up with some mighty fine coffee!
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