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  1. Remember, GothGirl, JIRA was changed- you can't see new posts that are made by the community anymore, I returned my new laptop, by the way, cause the ATI problem seemed to have no fix... \ Now I am just stuck with my nVidia problems.
  2. nVidia was nothing but problems for me.... I had one in my last laptop (ASUS)... I specifically went for the ATI in my Alienware because of all the problems I had with the nVidia.
  3. AMD Radeon HD 7970M Catalyst Version: 13.1 I have the same symptoms on Ultra with the shaders on.... add the Lighting and Shadows checkbox, and it resolves.... EDIT: Nope, this ended up NOT fixing it... it showed up again.
  4. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Oh, and that roundtable discussion he promised, yeah, that's not happening either rodvik.linden Hey folks, as I mentioned to some of you over the weekend I am going to do the next roundtable stuff in private one on one's rather than as a free for all. That makes it more low key and doesnt turn it into something which is contentious. Thanks for all the feedback. https://my.secondlife.com/rodvik.linden So that's cool and all, except that it is another broken promise, it is not a round table, and I doubt he will have the time to speak to everyone one on one. Char- let me know when you get your invite, and I will let you know when I get mine.
  5. Adur Gaelyth wrote: If they talked Rodvik out of bringing last names back showing him statistics of abandonment at the registration stage... ... If they did that and believe it- then they are idiots. That was me refreshing the page till I was happy with the last name for my latest alt.
  6. PudgyPaddy wrote: if I were the CEO I would apply the logic presented when making my decision -- Rod did his job. Peoples emotions have nothing to add to the decision. Rod specifically said "we are doing nothing"- that's not making a decision.
  7. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Disclaimer, selling accounts is against the rules and stuff in case anyone needs to know. Purchasing them is also forbidden. That's why it's snark
  8. Charolotte Caxton wrote: They claimed it was an educational portal but were advised not to reveal which otherwise the site would shut down almost immediately because of the barrage of persons signing up for last names. I give the same advice if someone finds one- I just wish I knew it ! I'd make a few alts to hold me over.... <snark>I wonder, should I start "selling" my alts with last names? there a market for that?</snark>
  9. Rodvick would do well to look and see what happpened to the last CEO the residents hated- the one who brought us this disaster of no last names and Linden homes and the terrible interface of V2/V3. Rodvick- we all had high hopes when you came here. REAL experience with a REAL game company- Then you went and told us that you were going to work out a solution... a "dash" is not a solution. A second data entry field to take last names *IS* a solution. You know, the one that's still there and was used just the other day by Mr. Hurricane? Get a better IT staff that's not afraid to work for a living.
  10. They have shut down every site I knew to get a last name- I'd love to know where this person signed up. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Oh look, a resident was born just yesterday with a last name. So last names are possible, just not for those thousands that have asked for them. https://my.secondlife.com/tremendous.hurricane#about_tab Not only that, it's a way cool name
  11. Deltango Vale wrote: Going back to the original post, I am reminded that this thread, now 10 pages long, is the result of a tweet on the MSL feed by the CEO, picked up by a resident and posted on the SL GD Forum. Anyone else thinking "Deltango for CEO"?
  12. Gavin Hird wrote: JustOneMore Loon wrote: Gavin Hird wrote: If you need to recycle names, purge the user DB of anyone who has not been logged in say for more than 3 years no. No. no. Unequivocal NO. This can lead to people THINKING they are talking to their old friends but not. Old users with brands can be misrepresented as CURRENT purveyors. and it's completely unnecessary with the last name paradigm,. The previous implementation required the "first last" name combination to be unique, which quickly leads to exhaustion of name space for popular (and common) name combinations. So unless there is a solution to this, freeing old name space may be an option. There is a limit on last names? A continuation of adding new last names as the old last names fill up is an easy enough solution. Smith is full? Add Jones... and so on. The lack of last names now is what's causing a namespace issue. Before the last names were hidden, Namespace was limited only by imagination of last names. What we DID see is that the namespace was filling up because no one was making new last names. (The Linden who was responsible for it was laid off.) This, of course, leaves another great opportunity for volunteerism- Residents can come up with creative last names. Volunteer programs are, sadly, lacking in SL. (Anyone remember mentors?)
  13. Gavin Hird wrote: If you need to recycle names, purge the user DB of anyone who has not been logged in say for more than 3 years no. No. no. Unequivical NO. This can lead to people THINKING they are talking to their old friends but not. Old users with brands can be missrepresented as CURRENT purveyors. and it's completely unneccesary with the last name paradime,.
  14. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Again, not directed at me, right? Not directed at you- just trying to have a sense of humor about this Cluster....
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