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  1. Recruiting all castes! The city of Esalinus is to the south-east of the woods of Clearchus and is the closest city to the Sardar mountains. The inhabitants of this calm place are closest goreans to the truth of Gor. The city is under high castes' administration and recently laws applied free companionship contracts between same sex parties. The environment and in-game laws are structured perfectly to enhance roleplaying for everyone: straight, bisex, gay, lesbian players are very welcome. By becoming a resident or a citizen, you would get an apartment to furnish with your items for FREE (50 prims for High Caste members and 20 prims for Low Caste members ). Read the rules and you will be satisfied of Esalinus! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uninhabited%20Island/219/26/24
  2. The solution is the Restart of the sim. Contact the Live Chat Support to ask to restart the sim in which your house is.
  3. Associate your debit card with your avatar account and see the results in your dashboard ( if accepted/verified or not). Accepted currencies and payment methods You may use the following payment methods with Second Life: Visa American Express MasterCard Delta Online JCB Discover (U.S. Residents only) Visa Electron (non-U.S. Residents only) PayPal
  4. If you mean in the Marketplace, you need to check your "Quantities" before buying
  5. Unable to connect to simulator means you're trying to login in a Offline Sim. So you can try later to login or simply login in a different sim.
  6. The group liability is a debt, applied and splitted, among all the members of a group ( if the group owner ticked the "pay liability" option in the roles ). For example, if a group-owned land spends 30 L$ weekly for the search, this amount will be splitted among all members with the liability option activated. If you don't want to pay, you need to ask to the owner to remove it or, simply, leave the group.
  7. If it is written " Login failed. Unable to connect to a simulator", just try later
  8. Are you sure it changed to the same address you had before? If not and if you didn't change it, then can be only two things: 1) Linden Lab error 2) Someone knows your password and is changing your dashboard. To be sure, immediately change your Second Life password!
  9. Check your Region/Estate Debug>>>Get Top Scripts. I think there you can find all the answers you need...
  10. The draw distance perhaps? If you wanna see the whole region you are: Preferences>>>Graphics>>>Advanced>>>Draw Distance>>>at least 255 meters It may cause slowness for your computer
  11. Once "Delete Account" is clicked, you cannot go back Is it possible to reactivate a deleted account? While deleted accounts can occasionally be reactivated by Customer Support, the process can take a significant amount of time to complete, and unfortunately we are unable to guarantee that the inventory, friends list, and land holdings of the account will remain intact. Additionally, reactivation of the account will require a full account verification, which can include verification of your secret question, any payment methods on file, and sending a copy of your most recent government-issued ID to our fax number. These steps are taken to ensure that, if the account is reactivated, the account and its associated payment methods are in the hands of their rightful owner. Your security and privacy are very important to us.
  12. If you're Inventory is loading or missing, it can only be for three reasons: 1) Your cache is loading. 2) Your internet connection is extremely slow. 3) Linden Lab servers.
  13. Marcodigi Aeon


    As previous said, a sim/parcel owner can ban anyone he/she wants...even if I personally disapprove of the abuse of power in the public access properties.
  14. She needs to fill an Abuse Report. Como enviar uma denúncia de abuso Para enviar uma denúncia de abuso, faça o seguinte: Selecione Ajuda > Denunciar abuso no menu no topo da janela do visualizador. Para denunciar outro residente, clique com o botão direito do mouse sobre o avatar dele e selecione Denunciar Para denunciar diretamente um objeto, clique com o botão direito do mouse sobre ele e selecione Gerenciar > Denunciar abuso. A janela REPORTAR ABUSO é aberta, exibindo uma captura da tela atual e as informações de identificação relevantes, se você tiver selecionado um avatar ou um objeto. Se a captura de tela ajudar a esclarecer o problema, marque Usar esta captura de tela. As capturas podem ser comprovações muito úteis, inclua-as sempre que apropriado. Se a denúncia for sobre um avatar ou um objeto, clique no botão para preencher as informações relevantes automaticamente. Clique em Selecionar categoria e escolha uma das categorias. Se não encontrar uma categoria para o incidente especifico que estiver denunciando, use Selecionar categoria > Outro e explique no campo Detalhes. O campo Local do abuso é preenchido automaticamente com seu local atual. Altere para especificar um local diferente. No campo Resumo, escreva um resumo conciso, de uma linha, como o assunto de um e-mail. Seja breve mas preciso. Use o campo Detalhes para fornecer o máximo de informações pertinentes possível para ajudar a Linden Lab a avaliar o incidente. Clique em Denunciar abuso para enviar a denúncia de abuso. Talking about "sexually abused" here is a bit out of place since it doesn't really affect your human body...the only side which may be affected is the psychology...
  15. Depends on how much time you want to spend over it. Either way, obtaining L$ for free is a long process with a bith of luck needed. You may try the FreeLindenLottery, if you want to try luck regardless of the time. Or read this article to know further options. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_to_Earn_Linden_Dollars_in_Second_Life
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