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  1. O Thank you yes I have just now created a support case. I don't think I can remember any old passwords if I had any before but I did try changing the password recently if that help but didn't make difference. Thank you for the info. I been having hard time figuring out what is wrong and getting it to simply test out uploads before I spend actual money when it unneeded
  2. Hi, So I figured out how to bring up the test grid but when I try to log into it I just get "password is wrong." I use the same one I log into main grid. I accepted the terms to upload in second life and can upload in main grid but I want to simply use test grid to check how my mesh will be before I upload on main grid. Is there someone I need to ask for permission? I can't think of anywhere else to ask this
  3. I like to ask sorry I couldn't figure how to set up my own post but it is regarding test grid. I can't log into it? I use same password to log into main grid but in the test grid it just says wrong password used. I don't know any more to do about it other than just asking for help (never mind I was able to post new topic but now I can't delete this one lol)
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