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  1. This basically covers everything I've been thinking... Well said
  2. You are probably right. Can just hope they pay attention to all this and learn from it.
  3. Yea, and that's in my oppinion very badly handled by LL. Instead of this whole drama storm, they should have distributed them fairly. Longer the premium member, higher on the list of getting a new one. It really baffles me, the way LL has handled this... They should have seen this coming.
  4. No I do not see the issue with that, and I also dunno how that auto refresh stuff works as I am not all that tech savy. And I think it's very wrong that someone who has been premium member a week for all I know ?? can abuse that to get ahead, while 7 years or longer loyal premium members are stuck waiting. I do not think that's fair, and I will speak up my mind, and I hope LL pay attention.
  5. Am doing whatever I can to keep LL on their toes. As a paying customer. I really do not see the issue with that.
  6. I know right... You'd think 7 years of premium membership meant something, but apparently not... I enjoy the raised costs of my premium membership however.
  7. I am beyond dissapointed myself with how Linden Lab is handling this. I keep seeing all this hype about new homes, and yet I cannot get one. I've been a premium member since 2012 !!! And I have been sat here patiently for months now waiting for a new updated premium home. Meanwhile I just love reading about all the stuff you have been doing to pamper the community within these new regions... How about you get to work and let the rest of us have one of those homes too? Abbandoned my old premium home months ago so I could go claim a new one... Still waiting for that to happen... Unbelievable...
  8. When can we expect more of the new homes available ?
  9. Thank you! Have been unable to figure out how on earth to do that. Will try that and hopefully that should do the trick. That link needs to be highlighted and put onto SL billing info page! Just saying Yep, this worked! Thank you so much
  10. I dunno. I looked around for an option to verify it both on PayPal end and in my net bank but couldn’t find any such option
  11. I recommend paypal too, but LL don't accept my paypal when I try using it...
  12. Oki so a small update should anyone else have this same issue, using Skrill works, so when first and second normal payment options don't work for mysterious reasons, Skrill is good for an alternative solution when all other fails. Cuz apparently 2 different payment options isn't enough... You need 3
  13. Yes was a misstype in the hurry. I know it's obviously not your guide Am trying live chat
  14. That's what I've always been using, and it worked just 3 days ago to purchased lindens, it worked also few days before that for my premium membership. But since it for whatever reason isn't working today or yesterday, despite my bank saying everything is fine, I tried all your guids on set up paypal, which also don't work. My card was renewed about half a year ago, and has worked just fine up until this weekend, and as mentioned, I tried using paypal too. Am also waiting for a reply on the ticket I submitted to LL
  15. I've been using this payment methood for all of my 12 years in SL tho....
  16. I had premium membership for years, using same debit card. Over the last half a year tho, at random the payments to LL get declined. I've had to update the billing info over and over (putting in same card) to mostly get it working again. But now for two days it keep declining. My bank says everything is fine, and the issue is on LL's end, or whoever handles the money transactions. But attempting to get this working myself, I tried using paypal instead, because paypal works just fine for me. Only that SL again, does not work properly with it. I have linked my bank account to my paypal account,
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