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  1. Rod Welcome to your very own real alternate reality - namely your second life, you reffer to finding out about the 'product' - we residents dont think this way, instead we think of this as our escapism real life, we love to explore, build, laugh, dance, hear live music, meeting some realy great friends living all around the world and yes maybe fall in love with someone special in this wonderful social world. So once you stop thinking 'product' (sorry but thats the noobish side) and start thinking your 'second life' then you got it Please cherish it, because thats just what we do. Thanks
  2. Hey folks, Lets keep this discussion focused. This is prob the most important blog at moment and Rod needs our input. For once many many residents are actually telling Linden Labs just what we feel - ie Linden Labs listen to us - we the users of SL and at the moment we all feel abused and taken advantage off. Just fix what we are collectively saying is broke and dont make sweeping god like changes again And just who in hell opened the door to Kids, dont Lindens know how much romance goes on under our virtual stars lol.
  3. Gosh this blog is so busy, it just shows how much everyone values what SL was and how much people have been agreived with the changes over thhe last two years and it also highlights just HOW COCERNED WE ALL ARE. ROD PLEASE READ through these replies from your committed inworld residents, and maybe, just maybe if you take these concerns on board and not shrug them off to bottom line profits then perhaps, just maybe we will still have an inworld Second Life hopefully resembleing something that it was three years ago. -> Keep kids on their own grid. -> Reverse Zindra and find a better wa
  4. OMG - Since the carnage of the last two years does this mean we will become a new zone merged with the SIMS, with new tools for Medal of Honour conflict? Bringing new annual FIFA matche tournaments and Virtual Golf with personal coaching from Tiger Woods? Please, please Rod, past success of eight years came from collaboration which allowed the likes of xstreetSL amongst other 3rd party online merchant outlets and education to take a stake in Second Lifes development. Dont cut them all out, and please support the creators and land owneers whom build SL into what it was.
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