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  1. You could try to teleport to Voice echo canyon. That's a special region for testing voice issues. You can only hear your own voice there. I hope that might help your case
  2. The NCI happens to feature a class about making hair. The last one was on thursday though - maybe have a look at their schedule for the upcoming week at their website: http://www.nci-sl.info/blog/ Have fun creating :-)
  3. Hi DrFran, If you are talking about the typing in the air animation, that one can easily be switched off: Go to preferences (CTRL P) - Chat - and uncheck "playing typing animation" (I'm on a german language version of the viewer so I don't know the exact wording ;-) Now the avatars won't type anymore while talking If you're looking for better animations to replace the standard typing, a number of shops sell those animations which are to be put into an animation overrider. Each of your avatars would need one with the appropriate animation(s) loaded. I hope that helps a bit - have fun doing machinima ;-)
  4. Hi hskirk, unfortunatly I can't answer all your questions as I'm no expert in animating - but I'll give it a try: the hip defines the position of the avatar, so your observation is quite right. I guess you can make your hip popping out if you carefully design the movements of the other body parts so that the center of gravity stays about the place it was before the animation started. Several animations can be superposed and the hip is the common reference for all those animations. AFIK the position of the fingers for a given animation is chosen by the animator at the time of uploading and one can't change it afterwards. You can upload your animation twice, one with your hand relaxed and one with your hand as a fist though. If you play those animations in sequence it might resemble a grip. But sometimes SL has the trend to spread out your fingers without regard to the setting at upload :-( I'm happy to be a furry with paws ^^ Have fun
  5. Hi, first: make a copy :-) then right click on the invisiprim - choose edit (edit the part with the invisiprim and select edit linked parts - then click on the invisiprim) edited to make it clearer ;-) make it as small as you can get it to move it into your leg ready to go ;- I did that to my KZK fox and it worked perfect IHTH - Reg
  6. Es gibt die PaySafe-Card, die bekommst Du an jeder größeren Tankstelle. Der Kurs ist schlechter, aber die Anonymität ist manchem wichtig... Ansonsten kannst Du ein Konto bei Virwox http://virwox.com eröffnen. Der Kurs ist gut und Du kannst Geld per Überweisung einzahlen. Viel Spaß
  7. That can happen if you deactivate the "Basic Shaders" in Preferences - Graphics. I can't say why but it is an observation on several ATI graphic cards. If you change the position of the camera the skin of the avatars appears or disappears - the prim attachment remain visible though...
  8. In the same place where you change your hovertext you could change the texture of your sign - a sleeping kitten maybe? Would be cute ;-)
  9. You could also join one of the advertising groups and post your offer there - I'm sure you'll find interested people in those groups
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