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  1. Balamb Garden is back, rebuilt and better than ever. The sim is called Heretic Pass.
  2. I second this motion. Don't give us a paintbrush and then tell us we can only use finger paint. We are ARTISTS, not children. We can handle it. So either give us more prims (45k or so) or fix this issue, please. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know where we can get real life Hoodies and T-Shirts that say "Second Life" or something witty about it? I'd love one. I'd make them myself but I don't wanna get crushed for copyright issues.Google searches only turn up SL Marketplace pages. Thanks!
  4. I'd be happy to hire you, but your name doesn't show up in search. Contact me if you're still interested! Zachh Barkley
  5. If you're going to do this, I'm going to miss the instant cashouts. Please add a LindeX option that allows those of us who exchange far over US$5,000 per month, to trade quicker than a week. Not being able to pay my bills or rent because of a 7 day transaction delay is a nightmare. Plus, the 5k limitation is a huge restriction on us heavy business users. Before you cut our golden ticket, please double check LindeX's quality of exchange, because as of now it's horrible.
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