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  1. It's back up again! Just tried it on a different device and was able to read and to post.
  2. It looks like the forum is parked and innaccessible right now. I hope Cristiano can get it back up.
  3. As a content creator (scripting, building, texturing...etc): 1. What additional tools and workflows should I become familiar with in order to create in Sansar? I understand C# will be the preferred (only?) scripting language, and I assume mesh creation skills will be important. I ask because it will take some time to get familiar with any new tools which will be required. 2. What is still "To be determined" in so far as content creation is concerned? 3. Will we still be able to create objects with prims?
  4. I plugged the site into an online domain tools site (centralops.net/co was the first one that popped up for online trace route) and found the abuse address from the registration record. I sent them details; hopefully they'll close the site pretty quickly. Its a hosting service so they should have someone on call 24/7/365 to check emails and resolve issues.
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