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  1. i donno how to talk to them here .. i sent them in SL world from my other account notcard but i donno they open SL world or not
  2. i didnt give him my password .. he sent me page like its store in market place and i must put my account and the possword .. then he stealed them
  3. i sent to Jeremy Linden notcard say all that but i donno what else i must do .. he my mail in here was deathless4ever@hotmail.com ... he change the mail to be deathle11ss4ever@hotmail.com ... i cant cvhange the mail again and i cant change the password and he still want me give him money or i will cant have my account again .. and person like that .. if i gived him the money iam sure he will not give me the account in final ... SL must know his IP adress and block him forever from SL
  4. he sent me page like that page who come when i loggin in marketplace so i put my account and the pass then he steal it .. but iam still here online in the site but cant open the viewer again .. he changed the password and the mail i donno what i must do but iam saving his words ,, i was online in 2 accounts first he talk to me in my account (deathless4ever).. and when i did loggin in the site it was by deathless4ever666 .... and thats what he sent me [2011/11/18 23:52] ?????? (lllfilipolll): hi if you are lokin for new hair shape skin tatto and AO + cloth we have just open a new store in marketplace evrithing is new http://marketplaceseondlife.co.nu/store/16071994/login.htm enjoy and tnks [2011/11/18 23:56] deathless4ever: what is that ? [2011/11/18 23:56] deathless4ever: its afk page [2011/11/18 23:57] ?????? (lllfilipolll): yes [2011/11/18 23:57] ?????? (lllfilipolll): i change your pass [2011/11/18 23:58] ?????? (lllfilipolll): your old one was 1472703 [2011/11/18 23:58] ?????? (lllfilipolll): if you log out now [2011/11/18 23:58] ?????? (lllfilipolll): you will never log i again [2011/11/18 23:58] ?????? (lllfilipolll): if you want your avatar back give me 2000 l* and after he had my password he talk to me at my another account (deathless4ever666) and told me that .. [00:02] lllFilipolll Resident: you dont need it ? [00:05] deathless4ever666 Resident: iam asking friend to give me the money [00:05] deathless4ever666 Resident: i dont have that money now [00:07] ?????? (lllfilipolll): i will go offline after 5 min [00:07] ?????? (lllfilipolll): if you dont give me the lindens befor [00:07] ?????? (lllfilipolll): say bye bye to your usr [00:11] deathless4ever666 Resident: iam really trying all my best [00:11] ?????? (lllfilipolll): try to report me :) [00:12] deathless4ever666 Resident: no no [00:17] ?????? (lllfilipolll): SO now i cant open it i donno what i must to do :( plz someone help me
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