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  1. Is this continent staying where it is or is it moving somewhere?
  2. Just lettin everyone know we are renting stores & buildings for roleplay etc in our new mall at this location- Siringo (191,119,75).
  3. I see your point and observations there but i believe the minds running sl realise you will never keep on top of stuff like that if you wish to make a profit and thus are focusing the business more on an in and out door model where there are just as many trying out sl as are leaving it. They will always be advertising and recruiting those in the right age groups to keep a stream of people coming in to keep up with the stream going out.Keeps the enthusiasm levels up in the general population of sl users too.
  4. I dono, i think all of the above added a certain rl spice to sl at times, keeps people on their toes and stress tests them and sl.
  5. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your view point it is in fact a game for many of the residents that use it. Those of us providing services dont see it as a game though. There are many games within sl with many people playing them and many people creating/ maintaining them. I realise this is just one sector of sl but it is a big one. There is a vibrant sl/rl porn industry in sl aswell as the huge business environment. All types of simulations exist in sl- cars planes etc etc. Basically the Sl world contains an example of all and every pc game ever invented aswell as it being an experi
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