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  1. So tell me, Oz, what is your official Linden opinion as to where is the most direct place to post a suggestion, rather than a bug? I link would be helpful, if you have one. Much appreciated!
  2. I will say that yes, SL IS stunning in VR. Even w/ the low-res screen door effect you get w/ the dev version. I am getting more and more impatient for Linded Labs to make an official release! Also I would like more Mac updates from CtrlAltStudio, but one thing at a time, I suppose. I am gearing up to head to your 1920's Berlin this afternoon. Looking forward to it!
  3. Yes!!! I have the Developer version of this awesome piece of tech, and so far am loving it. I have successfully gotten it to work in SL, both on Windows and Mac- however I hope to see MUCH more development from CtrlAltStudio on the Mac side of things (since that's what I use predominately). Wearing the VR gear makes for an entirely new experience InWorld, as it really feels like you are In the World. The dev version is pretty low-res, so I'm currently debating on making new signage, or just wait till the consumer version comes out, which is supposed to have something like 4000 px, rather than 1200x800 (ish). Currently, looking at things up close definitely gives that "screen door" effect, but I can look past that. I am (throughout this month) building our an Island SIM geard toward RIFTers. So far what I've got is pretty basic, but just walking on one of my floating pathways with the Rift is really cool. You can look down over the edge and see the water waaay below.. I am a happy neko, indeed.
  4. Of course, now I feel dumb because I can't find a "Suggestion" section in the Jira. Still looking...
  5. Thank you Oz.. I concur. And yes, I know about sorting via name or date. That's all well and good, but... As for viewing by file size.. The way I see it, I have a zillion empty boxes and folders that once had a no-copy item that is long since gone into some build. If I could easily see file size in a folder, I could tell quickly if it were empty, or just had one notecard, or obviously the size would be larger if there were still a bunch of graphical objects in there. I would not have to place a box on the ground just to see that it no longer contains anything, so a step or two is saved, just like that! This is by no means a bug complaint; it's just an idea for what would help me manage my inventory more efficiently. That is all! I will still go make a suggestion inthe Jira... Cheers! -Elz
  6. Dear Linden Labs, It just occurred to me that I often sort through similarly-names items on my own computer by simple comparison of file size. I'm sure I'm not the only long-time user with 17,000+ items- most of which so old that I'll never use again- who has inventory management as #1,337 on their to-do list. This is a hugely daunting project, but would go much more quickly if I could see file sizes in the hover text in my inventory window. Better still, please include a date- created or modified, either would work. Sincerely, Elzbiet Meili, Skyhighatry Designs
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