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  1. Uninstalling iCloud fixed the problem for me too (not sure why yet). I had the issue with v4.3.1 where the first upload would work, but the subsequent upload would crash.
  2. I wore a skin from Nikita Fride for a long time that was pretty unique--there is some urban punk/goth influence in some of them (some are more normal). It looks like some are on sale in your price range. I wore a Damiani skin for awhile, then they changed names to LaVie and they don't seem bad. I'm not sure if they're slightly out of your price range or not.
  3. Epic has had their Unreal engine working flawlessly on mobiles for a long time now. Since then, mobiles have only gotten faster and it will only continue. Epic is good at creating very efficient code capable of squeezing maximum performance from hardware with minimal waste. A quick glance at low quality Second Life without the lighting, shadars, and extra features and I see absolutely zero reason that couldn't be brought over to a mobile platform today. Realistically (and it's already been mentioned), the only problems would be streamlining the UI and power consumption. To address those proble
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