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  1. Correction to the above message. The name of the cloner is BraddPittt probably because his previous alt names with 1 and 2 "t" at the end have been already removed by you from MP .. I can understand that you can't keep up with these suckers comming up with the same stolen products again and again but .. I can not understand why they show on top of the search if the search as you say "takes prior sales data into account" Mony Lindman
  2. Well, it's not right. You say that you "updated the formula to take prior sales data into account" but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have a very popular 3some FFM rug which was sold 2394 times ! on the Marketplace and used to show always in top 3 of searches for "3some". A search by Relevance for "3some" in the BETA version of the MP however, return this item on place 9 while on place 3 it's an ILLEGAL CLONE of it, sold by yet another copyboter, Mr. BradPitt Resident, who's whole MP shop consists of stolen items in "limited quantities". Apart from the fact that I will never understand
  3. I must repeat the questions I asked 2 years ago about Sansar and to which Ebbe gave only partial answers at that time. Much was "TBD" (to be determined) but at this time maybe LL has "determined" some of these things, so I paste here the main questions again and the answers that Ebbe gave 2014, in the hope that I can get more clear answers this time. quote: "Reply to Mony Lindman ‎06-25-2014 11:05 AM You asked: 1 - What type of assets are more likely to be transferable to SL2 and what probably not? (meshes, animations, sculpts, scripts, textures, builds made of normal prims, system clothi
  4. Phoebe Avro wrote: If they closed SL going back on the statment that that they wont it will be the death null of LL! But at least they have some crappy apps to fall back on! ... and they are one of the main investors in HiFi ..
  5. Yes , i had the permanent feeling that im watching a program of the North Corean TV where all questions and answers were aproved in advance by the big leader and under each chair there was a bomb that would explode if any of them would say one single different word than what was aproved. Even Putin's press conference as he invaded Crimea was less "arranged" than this.. Jessica , as the one who put the word out in the first place may feel to some degree responsible for this mess and therefore i understand why she accepted to participate in this "comedia dell arte a la Pravda" but then she shou
  6. The discussion with Oz and Peter Linden has been posted here: http://www.slartist.com/inworld-special-the-future-of-second-life_e24669d7f.html I wish i could comment on what they said but since they said nothing except "keep calm and carry on".. i cant. I will therefore comment on an apparently minor aspect but that says a lot more than words: their appearance So you have there 2 directors , LL Technical Director and LL Global Communications Director, both coming in front of the camera to represent the leadership of LL and to make important statements in a very important moment, knowing t
  7. Perrie Juran wrote: IP is a huge issue. Also, I hate to use the word but I lack better, but is there any way to "police" the grid. What do you do about renegade SIM's on a stick connecting to the hypergrid and dumping stolen content onto it? See my replay to Gavin above. It would be all WITHIN SL so no IP issue
  8. Gavin Hird wrote: Mony Lindman wrote: Any teckies around who could explain to me why should LL not be able to do something similar to the OS Grid for the old SL? And let people host their grids or at least their sims on their own computers with that "sim on a stick" solution or any other available, while using "hypergrid" technology to connect all these grids and regions and to teleport in between with their whole SL Inventory? Sim on a stick might be bit of a stretch, but horizontal scaling through multiple connected grids are well within reach. Right now there are bound to be lic
  9. The bottom line is that everyone can be not only a region owner, but a grid owner as well, and each grid can be configured as powerful or lightweight (in terms of CPU power per unit of virtual space) as needed. As an added bonus, if one such grid goes down, none of the others will be affected in any way. Users can teleport from one grid to another, send IMs across grid boundaries, take their inventory to any place they like, etc. Any teckies around who could explain to me why should LL not be able to do something similar to the OS Grid for the old SL? And let people host their grids or at
  10. Name sugestions: 3rd Life Yet Another Life Life after Life 2nd Life but not as is TBD Life Life as we dont know it Live and let die Get a Life Should LL decide to use any of these , I want 0.5% of the net income .. if any ..
  11. Gaia Clary wrote: Medhue Simoni wrote: Gaia, in my honest opinion, 1 of the core problems is calling the New World SL2. okey... i edited the post a bit. However, due to lack of any other reasonable name i used the "you know who i mean" version :matte-motes-evil-invert: Maybe... 3rd Life ? Then at least the newcommers will ask : ha .. 3rd ? Is there also a 2nd ?
  12. I think what we all need now is an official statement about the new SL with AT LEAST as much information as Philip Rosedale gives about High Fidlity here (quite 1 hour long and very detailed): I always had the feeling that this new sl and by all means its premature anouncement were "forced reactions" to the creation of High Fidelity. Watching the above Philip Rosedale overview of HiFi, this feling has grown into certainty. LL is just trying to keep up with this development. But if I look at the huge vision behind HiFi , which to my understanding seems to be the creation of a whole N
  13. Medhue Simoni wrote: Gaia, in my honest opinion, 1 of the core problems is calling the New World SL2. If LL had never describe it in this way, then there would be less crazyness. I see this New World projects as never, ever being SL2, as it is just not possible. Not without just cloning the platform we have now. Yes , exactly .. I said this before : make it SOMETHING ELSE, dont relate it to SL in any way and dont even port any content or inventory to it.. If its something else, then its no competition to SL. Like High Fidelity for instance is no competition to SL. Because its SOMETHING
  14. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Drongle McMahon wrote: "... to port an existing SL Avatar including its shape and textures ..." Did you consider the baking of legacy outfit layers? I would guess that is unlikely to be replicated in the new world in a compatible way. I think the old avatars would be of limited use if they can't wear system clothes (might be wrong, maybe everyone alse wears entirely mesh and needs on;y one skin layer?). I guess you could get around that if you could get access to all the layer textures and composit them with photoshop/gimp or a purpose built utility. Wouldn't ge
  15. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Mony Lindman wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: I think I've got the relationship between the new world and the existing Second Life figured out - it has a very simple real-world analogy, but one that doesn't immediately come to us because of how our world currently works. If this was happening one or two hundred years in the past or possibly one or two hundred years in the future it would be instantly understood. The new world will be a colony of Second Life. Colonies are created by existing cultures in some new territory. Only a few settlers arrive at first.
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