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  1. Correction to the above message. The name of the cloner is BraddPittt probably because his previous alt names with 1 and 2 "t" at the end have been already removed by you from MP .. I can understand that you can't keep up with these suckers comming up with the same stolen products again and again but .. I can not understand why they show on top of the search if the search as you say "takes prior sales data into account" Mony Lindman
  2. Well, it's not right. You say that you "updated the formula to take prior sales data into account" but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have a very popular 3some FFM rug which was sold 2394 times ! on the Marketplace and used to show always in top 3 of searches for "3some". A search by Relevance for "3some" in the BETA version of the MP however, return this item on place 9 while on place 3 it's an ILLEGAL CLONE of it, sold by yet another copyboter, Mr. BradPitt Resident, who's whole MP shop consists of stolen items in "limited quantities". Apart from the fact that I will never understand why you continue to let such whole cloned shops exist and don't finally ban the cloners and all their alts permanently, in spite of repeated complants from all the affected creators, individually or as a group led by Casper Warden, even then, this clone should not appear in search in front of my original for the simple reason that it has by no means not even 1% of the numer of sales that my original has. This cloned item did not even exist on MP a few weeks ago (i search permanently for cloners) while mine is there since 4 years, a time when "Residents" also didn't even exist.. So what "updated formula" is that which returns such monstruosities of rankings ??? Mony Lindman
  3. I must repeat the questions I asked 2 years ago about Sansar and to which Ebbe gave only partial answers at that time. Much was "TBD" (to be determined) but at this time maybe LL has "determined" some of these things, so I paste here the main questions again and the answers that Ebbe gave 2014, in the hope that I can get more clear answers this time. quote: "Reply to Mony Lindman ‎06-25-2014 11:05 AM You asked: 1 - What type of assets are more likely to be transferable to SL2 and what probably not? (meshes, animations, sculpts, scripts, textures, builds made of normal prims, system clothing ?) - We don't have all the answers to this one yet, but several areas will have radical improvements and thus not possible to be fully backwards compatible. Mesh is ok (but with better lighting and other tech you may want to make tweaks) Animations will change (major mprovements as we don't currently do it the way it should be done) Sculpts (TBD, but not as is, but maybe converted to Mesh?) Scripts (major improvement, so will change) Textures ok Prims (TBD, but probably not as is) Avatars will be radically improved as well so a lot TBD Again, we will have years to sort this all out together..." end quote Now, the years have passed and at this time I would really need some clear answers to those "TBD" issues: - ANIMATIONS - What "major improvements" have been implemented and mostly what will be the FORMAT of animations in Sansar? Will there be ways to transfer or maybe to CONVERT IN WORLD the full permission animations that we already bought in SL? I mention that full permission animators don't sell these animations as BVH files on the hard drive but as "in world" animations and whatever new format you may have determined for animations, the builders who bought these animations in SL can not get them on their computers and re-upload them again in the new world. This would be also against most of the TOS-es of the animators because in such a case the anims would have the name of the uploader as creator which is not allowed. This is a huge issue due to the big number of furniture and/or buildings creators who use full permission animations in their builds. Not to mention the even bigger number of users who bought such items in SL and would like to have at least their favorite ones also in Sansar. Is there maybe a way to have an IN WORLD TOOL to convert the old format animations to the new one? Or , would it be possible to maybe implement in your new engine ALSO the ability to play the old format of anims from SL, IN ADDITION to whatever format you may have chosen for Sansar ? - SCRIPTS - What will be the script language in Sansar ? Any hope of some in world "tool" to convert LSL scripts to this new scripting language ? Sorry if this sounds foolish, I am no coder and don't know if such converting is generally possible but I use scripts in my builds, so i have to ask .. - SCULPTS & PRIMS - By both you mentioned some kind of "conversion" in your answers from 2014. Could you be a little more specific now ? - AVATARS - From your answers, I must assume that SL skins, shapes and system clothes are completely out in Sansar. And with them, also the tens of thousands of creators of such items. In 2014 you said: "Avatars will be radically improved as well so a lot TBD". Well, like.. WHAT did you determin by now ? Thanks in advance for some clear answers.
  4. Phoebe Avro wrote: If they closed SL going back on the statment that that they wont it will be the death null of LL! But at least they have some crappy apps to fall back on! ... and they are one of the main investors in HiFi ..
  5. Yes , i had the permanent feeling that im watching a program of the North Corean TV where all questions and answers were aproved in advance by the big leader and under each chair there was a bomb that would explode if any of them would say one single different word than what was aproved. Even Putin's press conference as he invaded Crimea was less "arranged" than this.. Jessica , as the one who put the word out in the first place may feel to some degree responsible for this mess and therefore i understand why she accepted to participate in this "comedia dell arte a la Pravda" but then she should have really stopped the meeting after 2 minutes (time code 02:14) as she said : "Thats it for today, thank you all for coming" and call it a done job. Guys if you really want to full us in this particular way, then hire some real aces in the art of confusion, someone like Bill Clinton who can say such wonderful things like "that depends on your understanding of the word it" or even Rumsfeld himself who says: "Every generalisation is false. Including this one" and then he smiles ... and at that point i must give up asking anything.. But dont come with Dubaya Bush and say (and this is an exact quote!) : "Full me once , shame on you. Full me twice... uhmmm.. you cant full me twice". Fact is that with this show today , you cant even full me once..
  6. The discussion with Oz and Peter Linden has been posted here: http://www.slartist.com/inworld-special-the-future-of-second-life_e24669d7f.html I wish i could comment on what they said but since they said nothing except "keep calm and carry on".. i cant. I will therefore comment on an apparently minor aspect but that says a lot more than words: their appearance So you have there 2 directors , LL Technical Director and LL Global Communications Director, both coming in front of the camera to represent the leadership of LL and to make important statements in a very important moment, knowing that their avatars will be seen by a lot of SL users. Aaaand.. they both wear noob skins and clothes , probably from the library and the Communication Director of LL .. has no shoes.. Did i say i will comment on this ? Well.. in fact i should say only .. no comment. But just to make sure my "no comment" is understood , I will explain.. If these LL officials don't even spend as much time in SL as it is needed to create a "not noob" avatar, how will they ever be able to understand whats going on here ? And if these LL officials dont even feel the NEED of having an at least normal look when they move in the virtual world that they lead.. how can we ever hope that they will ever love this world the way we do.. I know .. they are in fact "coders" and we all know that this kind of people look like noobs or dont care how they look even in RL (see Bill Gates or Zukerberg) but what we have here are 2 DIRECTORS of a VIRTUAL WORLD in which everybody can and does look a lot better than in RL. And if these 2 directors dont have the artistic skills to make a normal avatar , at least , out of respect for their users , they could have bought a ready made one.. even the (usual for scripters) mouse or dog or fox .. and even the same for both if they are so bad paid that they cant afford a different one for each ... but to come in front of the camera in just socks without shoes .. as a Director of Communications.. really no comment ..
  7. Perrie Juran wrote: IP is a huge issue. Also, I hate to use the word but I lack better, but is there any way to "police" the grid. What do you do about renegade SIM's on a stick connecting to the hypergrid and dumping stolen content onto it? See my replay to Gavin above. It would be all WITHIN SL so no IP issue
  8. Gavin Hird wrote: Mony Lindman wrote: Any teckies around who could explain to me why should LL not be able to do something similar to the OS Grid for the old SL? And let people host their grids or at least their sims on their own computers with that "sim on a stick" solution or any other available, while using "hypergrid" technology to connect all these grids and regions and to teleport in between with their whole SL Inventory? Sim on a stick might be bit of a stretch, but horizontal scaling through multiple connected grids are well within reach. Right now there are bound to be licensing issues, with the physics engine sprining to mind first, but that can be overcome if bulletsim physics is given a few more spins in the centrifuge. Whole inventory? Doable but potential can of worms when it comes to IP. I would think a home grid where you have your inventory and base, and then a travel suitcase. At the end of the day it is up to the content creator to decide where items can move. Nonono.. im not talking (this time about grids OUTSIDE SL and connected with SL like in the hypergrid.. What i mean this tim is that people registerd as SL members could host their sims and maybe even whole grids on their computers and those sims, groups of sims or even grids would be still part of SL , bound to the rules of SL and the inventory would still be on SL servers and no sim or grid owner would be able to get full permissions on those items hosted on SL servers. And if they bring in copyboted content they should be treated like the other copyboters.. The idea is to host your sim or group of sims on your computer and save this way tier money. And that group of sims could be as big as your computer can hold , up to the size of a .. small grid on which you can create the kind of world that you like .. vampire grid if thats your passion , or Gorean grid , BDSM grid.. swingers grid , or educational grid , gamming grid, etc. Not necessarily all with the size of a grid but just a like 5-6 sims. And you can expand if needed and if your computer can hold more.. And this not as a replacement for the existing world but as an extenssion of it .. Many creative people who cant afford or do not wish to pay the price of a small appartment in RL for a virtual sim , would take advantage of this choice and would create even more wonderful worlds, which would attract even more users in SL. And these worlds would not have to be filled with adboards and vendors because they cost no money so they dont neeed to do all that in order to pay the tier, unless thy want to. This would be added value to SL and would cost nothing..
  9. The bottom line is that everyone can be not only a region owner, but a grid owner as well, and each grid can be configured as powerful or lightweight (in terms of CPU power per unit of virtual space) as needed. As an added bonus, if one such grid goes down, none of the others will be affected in any way. Users can teleport from one grid to another, send IMs across grid boundaries, take their inventory to any place they like, etc. Any teckies around who could explain to me why should LL not be able to do something similar to the OS Grid for the old SL? And let people host their grids or at least their sims on their own computers with that "sim on a stick" solution or any other available, while using "hypergrid" technology to connect all these grids and regions and to teleport in between with their whole SL Inventory? OK, SL would lose some tier money in this case but not all coz many will continue to rent land, mostly if it will be cheaper, but on the other side it would gain more users this way, would gain even more diversity and would become even more "interesting" for different groups of people than it already is ..
  10. Name sugestions: 3rd Life Yet Another Life Life after Life 2nd Life but not as is TBD Life Life as we dont know it Live and let die Get a Life Should LL decide to use any of these , I want 0.5% of the net income .. if any ..
  11. Gaia Clary wrote: Medhue Simoni wrote: Gaia, in my honest opinion, 1 of the core problems is calling the New World SL2. okey... i edited the post a bit. However, due to lack of any other reasonable name i used the "you know who i mean" version :matte-motes-evil-invert: Maybe... 3rd Life ? Then at least the newcommers will ask : ha .. 3rd ? Is there also a 2nd ?
  12. I think what we all need now is an official statement about the new SL with AT LEAST as much information as Philip Rosedale gives about High Fidlity here (quite 1 hour long and very detailed): I always had the feeling that this new sl and by all means its premature anouncement were "forced reactions" to the creation of High Fidelity. Watching the above Philip Rosedale overview of HiFi, this feling has grown into certainty. LL is just trying to keep up with this development. But if I look at the huge vision behind HiFi , which to my understanding seems to be the creation of a whole NEW INTERNET , an intrnet in 3D ! , I can only say that the "new SL" , from what we know about it at this time , will most probably not be able to compete with this. Because it doesn't have the vision and the really global approach that HiFi has by allowing every computer to act as a server and to even get paid for this "job" on one side and by making it run even on cell phones for the normal , low end user on the other side. And the idea of making the names of each "world" similar to a domain name on the internet and charge a fee for "domain registration" is also a touch of geniality.. The new SL, no matter how "shiny" it will be , will not be ble to compete with such a vision of a "whole new 3D internet" but , at best , it will be swallowed by it. At which point i had to ask the question : why try to compete with this giant project? Why not just JOIN IT ? But then i remembered that LL is already one of the main investors of HiFi , so from their point of view they win anyway coz they have 1 foot in each of these boats. So its a win win situation for LL but ... what is it for us ??? There is however one aspect that may be the chance of LL in this competition: Philip Rosedale didn't say a single world about CONTENT CREATORS in HiFi or the posibility of making money in THAT WAY. While on the other side, Ebbe insisited exactly on THIS segment of their business as being the most important.. This may be THE chance of the new SL in this competition, but NOT if LL considers "content creators" as being ONLY those Maya gurus who have their meshes on their HD and can upload them anywhere. These "first hand" content creators are a MINORITY of the total amount of content creators in the present SL. The majority is the "second hand" content creators , those who buy items made by the "first hand", combine them , modify them and create new items contributing this way to the unequaled variety of content available in the old SL, and driving its economy! If LL will leave behind THIS MAJORITY of "second hand" content creators together with 90% of thier inventories , filled with their previous creations and with their investments in future creations, then LL will not survive in this competition! Because it ignores exactly that what LL states and KNOWS that is and should remain the BASE of their business. And their only chance .. Mesh gurus alone will not create an economy ! They can sell those things from their HD anywhere.. Wile the "second hand" content creators can sell their creations ONLY IN SL ! So you can bet they will stay in SL. In the old SL by all means and, if LL makes it possible .. also in the new SL .. But if their years of work and their millions of dollars invested in "first hand" items for future creations will not be ported to the new SL then good luck LL in surviving with only the mesh gurus around and a lot of kids looking for shiny worlds .. and leaving them when they get bored, which kids always do by default..
  13. Medhue Simoni wrote: Gaia, in my honest opinion, 1 of the core problems is calling the New World SL2. If LL had never describe it in this way, then there would be less crazyness. I see this New World projects as never, ever being SL2, as it is just not possible. Not without just cloning the platform we have now. Yes , exactly .. I said this before : make it SOMETHING ELSE, dont relate it to SL in any way and dont even port any content or inventory to it.. If its something else, then its no competition to SL. Like High Fidelity for instance is no competition to SL. Because its SOMETHING COMPLETELLY DIFFERENT. But if SL 2 is conceived as "the better and shiny SL", then SL will die, while SL2 will probably not even be able to be born.. due to lack of income from the agonising SL1 ..
  14. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Drongle McMahon wrote: "... to port an existing SL Avatar including its shape and textures ..." Did you consider the baking of legacy outfit layers? I would guess that is unlikely to be replicated in the new world in a compatible way. I think the old avatars would be of limited use if they can't wear system clothes (might be wrong, maybe everyone alse wears entirely mesh and needs on;y one skin layer?). I guess you could get around that if you could get access to all the layer textures and composit them with photoshop/gimp or a purpose built utility. Wouldn't get the same flexibility, but might be useable, I suppose. The current procedure for mesh body parts is to have a series of onionlike layers that textured clothing can be applied to - instead of a shirt texture being combined with a skin texture it's added to one of the upper layers with the rest of that layer alpha'd out so the skin is visible beneath. I dont know how to explain this since im not a mesh guru but there ARE already in SL1 such "mesh clothing layers" that could be used also in SL 2 to wear OVER the mesh body and to apply system clothing textures on them. I repeat : system clothes TEXTURES , not the clothes themselves! I better insert an image so you can see what i mean but they dont have to be so complex, just an upper , a lower, a jacket a skirt and socks , compatible with the system clothes templates : The above image is from a free pack in SL but its made for petites and deforms the body when you wear it coz its not fitted mesh. However i tried a few normal system clothes textures on these and they fit exactly. I could even imagine that skin templates would work too. I wish i could find such a thing for normal size avatars and/or fitted mesh because this is also a way to make mesh clothes in SL1 when you are not a mesh guru
  15. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Mony Lindman wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: I think I've got the relationship between the new world and the existing Second Life figured out - it has a very simple real-world analogy, but one that doesn't immediately come to us because of how our world currently works. If this was happening one or two hundred years in the past or possibly one or two hundred years in the future it would be instantly understood. The new world will be a colony of Second Life. Colonies are created by existing cultures in some new territory. Only a few settlers arrive at first. Anyone can come and bring their identity, but they can only bring a few posessions and if you try to recreate your old lifestyle under the new conditions you'll end up looking like a fool at best. The colony will share a culture with the old world but will eventually develop its own - it may be dominated by the movers and shakers of the old world or it may be the new players who understand the new conditions better who will prosper. People can travel freely between the mother country and the colonies but most end up picking one or the other. Colonies begin as financial burdens on the old country as their set up but they exist because they can provide resources the old land can't provide and the assumption is they will eventually be an economic asset for the old world. In our time period we don't really understand colonies because there isn't anywhere new we can get to, and also it's a loaded concept today because we understand that the colonies of the past weren't really "new" at all - they already had people living there who had no say in the matter. This new virtual world, though, will actually be unpopulated - it would be closer to some space colony of the future. The USA (at least parts of it) also started by being a british colony. And now ? Does the UK still rule the world or at least the waves , or is it the .. colony that rules all ? Not to mention that tomorow it could be China. But thats maybe off topic.. for the moment So the UK would have been in a better position today if they hadn't created colonies? Ach du Lieber - laecherlich! No , thats not what im saying. Im saying that the "roles" can be inverted betwen colony and colonisator.. In other words if SL2 will start as a colony of SL1 , then in a while crocodile, it could be vice versa. Also.. umgekehrt , if you know what i mean
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