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  1. @Elise You definitely did NOT disappoint us,. You have always been a staple at Octoberville. I would say you have made me laugh probably more than anyone. I remember the first roleplay I did with you where we all chased you around the town trying to keep you locked up in jail. I nearly peed myself laughing that day. You have always been the top roleplayer. You bring so much to OV. OV would not be the same without you. As far as the voting goes, I totally agree. This was the first year that I was able to get the polls working on the website and I admit I was a bit of a noob. Next year the resu
  2. @darwinalbertsimpson Yes, we are going to leave the build up. Yes, you have time to hop on another character and do the hunt. I am not sure when we will get to the new game elements but we will keep people posted in the group. I highly doubt that we would ever decide to do a Christmasville INSTEAD of Octoberville. Octoberville has been our baby for way too long and I strongly believe in the philosophy "If it aint broke, dont fix it." I can see us definitely decorating it for Christmas though.
  3. Speaking of Crowbar... its about that time!
  4. Umm check inventory.. at Crowbar?? MK!!!!! Theyre up to no good again!
  5. Hey everyone, Also visit the FORUMS where myself and 7 other very talented Halloween creators are creating posts and answering questions. LOTS of conversations going on.. come chat with us there too!
  6. @Tay1 (Taylor FLanagan) Arent the three of you known as the trouble buddies? How do troubles buddies and angels go together?
  7. @Asus It has already become a bit of a challenge as far as the number of people that come through Octoberville. This year we are coming up on 3000 unique starters. Also this year, we were at capacity within the first minute of opening. And the first couple weekd, it can be hard to get in. We are leaving the build up this year to allow people to finish if they want. We are also talking about adding some game elements throughout the year and beta testing them on the people that cant get enough OV and want more throughout the year.
  8. In 2008, we came up with the idea to move objects as they are found to keep people from TPing their friends to find it to. In your experience, ddid this aspect make the game more challenging and fun, or more of an annoyance?
  9. @Asus, your dynamite worked? OH wait.. yes the previous dynamite would work but it wont mark it off your list. About the dynamnite, its so sad that griefers exist in SL causing us to not be able to let people put things down. It was so fun in years prior to 2009 when we gave everyone the dynamite and they could throw it down anywhere. I dont know how many explosions we had in the crowbar. Even during other months at other events anytime a song or the word Fire came up.. people were throwing down there dynamite blowing the place up!.. SO FUN! As far as how long OV has been running, we were the
  10. @Grtaydirk Are you talking about the "The Fool" tarot card? That is Nathans imfamous hide.
  11. @Silken HAHAHA! wow really all year? That really makes me smile. Poor Master Kaos! And yes the cobra has been many people's nemesis.
  12. @Graydirk LOL! I think the pebble and the cobra will go down in OV history! Each year Jeff Melendez is in my IMs begging me NOT to put the pebble and the cobra in the hunt. *evil grin* you know there are there. Did anyone realize that the snake shed this year IS the cobra?
  13. @ Silken LOL! Christmas??? Speaking of Christmas, so many times we have attempted to put together a sim for Christmas, and every year my IMs get flooded with pleas to do a Christmasville. Unfortunately, the time it takes to put together a sim such as this, there just isnt enough time between Halloween and Christmas. I would say that maybe someyear we should do Christmasville instead of Octoberville, but I can hear the tears hitting the floor already... so I dunno. My question to everyone... realistically, when do you really start to think about the next years Octoberville?
  14. @graydirk the paperclip was TRINITY's idea!!! NOT mine. Just would like that to be known.
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