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  1. I love it and always re-create the items myself so at least the person buying the items can see I have created the item, as many come with the completed item. I also sell well below what would be a "normal" retail price as I didn't create them myself. Which means I am losing money, but I don't care. I just enjoy making them and selling them at affordable prices. I have also made many of my own items such as silks and furniture which are sold well below the recommended retail price. Not selling my furniture at the moment since sculpties came in. As for the creators of these templates they have found a boon in revenue!! So good on them!!
  2. I am currently wearing Redgraves Jenny-Tan. But went and bought Curio's Sundust Vixen pack. Love the freckles. I have heaps in rl. Also bought [Addict] - Raia/mocha which I adore. Tuty's Monica Tan - Champagne
  3. I am so confused by mesh. I have worked out it is another layer but it is shared? It is the same layer for all parts of the body? Except for shoes I haven't understood or appreciated the real benefits. At least we get rid of the infamous invisi prim. I need written tutorials as well as video ones to explain it all to me. So for now the jury is out deciding. lol
  4. Moving around and walking like something was stuck up my rear end. And since back in the day our avatars were so basic and ugly I didn't go back to Second Life for several weeks until, when a friend showed me what I could do. Once I bought my very first hair from ETD, and was given a skin and a body shape, I never looked back. I thought I was the bees knees back then. *shudders*
  5. O lord no!! lol I am a 52 yo nanna with a sagging body and menopausal! No way do I want my avatar to look like me. lol She wears clothing I couldn't even be seen dead in. She can be so outrageous, sexy and gorgeous and get away with it. However I do believe my avatar is the inner me my inner beauty that has come from within to be on the outside. Besides I really do not want to recreate my faults in an avatar. Her hair is based on the colours of my real hair, which is brown. I use to have a figure like hers when I was 19.
  6. Back in 2006 with my favourite hair from ETD and Nomine skin. I am wearing the very first hair in that picture that i ever bought in SL. Now 2011. Hair is from Tuty's Chance. Skin is Monica also from Tuty's. I have maintained her figure with tweaks. The face has changed.
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