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  1. Ok after some tinkering and searching i found a perfect solution cause i changed first all objects to static that was no good i broke scripted objects lol so reverted it then i found this just now since i have region em i did this update-pathfinding-objects region unscripted obstacle that seemed to worked perfect all sims has 44/45fps now
  2. The Bad Sim The Good sim (no fps lag) Im stumped lol i have disabled/enabled Pathfinding in bad sim restarted it twice no joy
  3. The isue is i have just set walkable object the road simbad = road walkable leave evryting else http://sltrack.me/pathbad_001.png simgood = road walkable leave evryting else http://sltrack.me/pathgood_001.png When i select stuff around it it whos me on buildings etc Pathfinding Attributes 'none' and on road Affects navmmesh I can understand that if you set allot of stuff to movable,static etc i can't just go and set 3.500 objects to someting ? i am new to pathfinding but i asumed if an object has Pathfinding Attributes 'none' it would just not calculate that and ignores it? and wh
  4. Hi, I am creating a bus route using Pathfinding Already got half way in making it it now issue i am havin is Whenever i rez the so called bus that has the character for pathfinding in it sim would drop down to 40FPS+- Continue if the bus stops (on ceretan bus stops it calls llDeleteCharacter()) sim go back to 45fps when it moves again drop back to 40fps Now at first i thought this is cause of Pathfinding BUT when i rez the bus or bus cross sims over to next door sim that sim is FINE and has its max of 45fps and no issues whatsoever I have try'd restarting the sim it had no luck, checked si
  5. it is optional.... And, if you wish, you can even connect other social identities from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to your profile.
  6. answer to life the universe and everything = 42! -.- little joke there? rofl annyway love it! now i dont need to leave groups lol
  7. I love this and used since day i made it hehe this is what users should do if there annoyed make a fix for it instead of complaining grtz
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