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  1. I am guessing the more tight lipped they are the less of a voice people can raise. Makes it alot easier for us to accept things as they are not being in the know of every outage.
  2. DDos is such a fantastic tool. As it always stops LL in their tracks and nothing can be done about it.. Or can it? .. I don't see nations grinding to an halt on a daily basis because of it.. It's a mystery. Must be a pure multi Billion investment to find adequate protection or redundancy to remain in service.
  3. This issue may be completely unrelated to the region you try start at. People will keep suggesting it but this isnt the issue at all, and for some it's not even possible to pinpoint. Some would also point to invalid characters in the group tag, firewall.. and what not, but even theese will not let you log in, if it persists open a ticket. The issue was reported in 2013 and so far nothing has been done to eliminate the problem, but dismissed as unsevere and still a open issue.
  4. This is a issue that ghosts since atleast last year that LL don't look into. I havent been able to log in to my avatar for over 24h now and tried hundreds of locations, so if you cant log in after try say 5, this is not at all the issue you have. Stated above to check your internet connection would seem highly unlikely if you're able to post on forums, and to save the pointless firewall discussion this is not the problem either. Most likely there is nothing you can for sure do at the point you're entirely locked out but hope LL gets the ass out of the wagon and starts to investiogate, but since it was reported in september 2013, nothing has changed. I have also tried the invalid characters in group title etc, to no avail.
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