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  • World Map and Mini-Map

    Jeremy Linden

    Using the world map

    The world map helps you explore Second Life by finding other Residents, land sales, and points of interest.

    • Pan around the map by clicking and dragging on it.
    • Click a place to set a destination beacon you can follow after you close the map. To dismiss the beacon, click the red arrow that points to it or right-click the mini-map and choose Stop Tracking.
    • Double-click a place to teleport there.


    Me Shows your location on the map. Click to center the map view on your location.
    Person Another Resident.
    Infohub A place to socialize and find information.
    Land sale

    Yellow blocks - For sale by a Resident owner.

    Purple blocks - Land for auction.

    Home Shows your home location. Click to teleport home.

    Resident-run events come in three maturity rating levels: General, Moderate, and Adult.

    Select which maturity levels you want to see on the map. You can only see events whose maturity matches your preference settings. Choose Me > Preferences to set your maturity preference. To show Adult events, you must verify that you are at least 18 years old.

    Other map functions

    The World Map has several other useful functions for exploring and navigating Second Life. You can track your friends' whereabouts, teleport to one of your landmarked locations, or teleport directly to a region by name!


    Navigation beacon

    When you set a destination on the world map, it appears as a red circle. At the same time, a vertical red beacon appears inworld to guide you to your destination. The beacon is most useful when you teleport into a region that is using a telehub; you may not land at the location you desired, use the beacon to guide you the rest of the way. To clear your current destination/beacon, press the Clear button world map clear1.jpgon the map or click on the beacon arrow.

    Tracking your friends

    You can track your friends' location inworld if they have chosen to allow it.  Click the My Friends Online dropdown and choose the friend you want to find. The avatar's location appears on your map as a red destination marker.

    To allow a friend to see your location on the map:

    • Open your friend's profile
    • Click on the gear icon.
    • Click Permissions.
    • Select the See me on the map checkbox.
    Tip: It is possible to teleport directly to your friend's location by pressing the Teleport button. However, it is good etiquette to respect your friends' privacy by IMing first.  Teleporting to another Resident's location unannounced is considered very impolite!

    Teleport to a landmark

    To teleport to a landmark:

    1. Click the My Landmarks dropdown
    2. Choose a landmark from the list to mark your destination
    3. Click Teleport to travel there instantly.

    If you teleport into a region that is using a telehub, you may need to use the navigation beacon to reach your final destination.

    Region search

    To search for a region by name:

    1. Type part of its name in the text field next to the Find button.
    2. Click the Search button.  The results show all matching region names
    3. Click on one of the names shown in the list to center the map here. 
    4. Click Teleport to teleport there immediately.

    If the region has a designated telehub, you will arrive there; otherwise, you will go to the center of the region.

    To arrive at a specific location in a region:

    1. Search for the region name and select it from the search results as described above
    2. Type the coordinates into the Location boxes
    3. Click Teleport.

    Copy SLurl to clipboard

    Click Copy SLurl to clipboard to copy the SLurl link of your current destination to your computer's clipboard. You can use SLurl links to post Second Life locations on web pages, in chat, or emails. For more information see SLurls.

     Using the Mini-Map


    The Mini-Map helps you navigate around Second Life. To view the Mini-Map, select World > Mini-Map or click the minimap-toolbar3.jpg button in the toolbar.

    Edited by Jeremy Linden

    User Feedback

    1 - "You can also open the World Map by double-clicking the Mini-Map." AFAIK double click the mini-map teleport to that point (or is there any option in Preferences for change that option?).


    2 - What is this? (twice in the text):

    Note: This article has been edited since it was returned from translation. REQUIRES RE-TRANSLATION.




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    I just tested this with Viewer 3.2.8 and double-clicking on the Mini-map DOES open the world map.  Double-clicking on the World map teleports you.

    As for the notes about "retranslation" they should not appear--there was a small CSS mistake that I just fixed.  

    What's going on here is that we are "transcluding" (to use a wiki term) Viewer Help articles from the wiki.  In this case, the articles https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:World_Map and https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:Mini-Map are being transcluded.  We have a custom in-house application that "reskins" the wiki articles and then we include them in the Lithium article using a simple HTML iframe. This enables us to reuse the same content, and save on translation  and maintenance costs.  The Viewer Help articles have templates that we use to track their status (in-progress, "ready for review", "in translation" and so on).  See https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_Help_Templates for details. 

    So I just had to correct an error in https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Template:Modified_Translated_Help_Article so that the template would not be displayed when the wiki article is transcluded into a Lithium article.  Due to the way our custom app. caches pages, you may still see this template for the next 24 hrs.  But then it should not appear any longer.

    Thanks again for noticing!!


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    Understood, thank you very much for the explnation :)

    But it's amazing, if I double click the MiniMap (also viewer 3.2.8.) I teleport to the point double clicked. For me double clik don't open the World Map. In fact, if I double click in the MiniMab a nearby point, I receive the message about teleport failed, see the image:


    Well, a new misterious of SL LOL Perhaps a little bug in my viewer, nothing important, I will be attentive to this.

    Thanks again Rand :)

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