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Ortho Vargas

I need to HTTP get textures to my web server

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I would like to implement some php (or othe script language code) on an off-world web host to copy textures from SL to that web host so I can show them on a web page.   I know it can be done, but I need some help getting pointed in the right direction.  I've read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/HTTP_Texture  which talks a lot about how http textures work withing the viewer code, but nothing (that i can tell) about how to go about fetching textures from a script on a web-host.

Yes the textures are mine.  Yes I know the uuid of the textures.


Any tips greatly appreciated.

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I do not know if it is officially supported or else if LL will eventually pull the plug of the feature but you can display any texture of which you know the UUID on a web page by using the following URL:

texture-service.agni.lindenlab.com/<INSERT-UUID-HERE>/0x0// No "raw URL" allowed in the posts, please add the "http" header

 The final "0x0" is the size. It means "original size" but it can be anything larger or smaller, square or rectangular. This is also the name of the picture in case you would try to save it.

For example:


We should soon see if LL notice the big hole at the bottom of their server... :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:


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Looks like they  plugged it. Only 159x120 and 172x129 seem to work else you get a "Invalid texture size". I had a legit reason for a API like this. You could buy a vendor, put a image on in it and it can have the image on product infomation on both the web and inworld. Plus the user would know that there image will get put on the web also... Wish LL had a API for this.

But most people would use this for bad. Sadly the rest ruins it for the few who has a usefulness for this. Maybe if other people really want this maybe they could create a security model with a new api. Like for the API it would be could be 


then also maybe have a permission you can give a script in the object for this to work. But also require a api key. So you would have a php script GetSLImage.php?image=UUID&server=UUID&size=250X250 as a proxy to the API. Guess you would also do your own cacheing. Also have to apply for a API key and the reason to need this in your application for the key. Is this a good idea?

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