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  1. Pamela Galli, From reading your posts on the forum you are (a) operating as an incorporated (c-corp) (b) managed to get LL to release your payments. Did you have to give your personal soc sec number? or did you get them to accept something else. Please let me know as I am in the exact same boat. Many thanks.
  2. I am an incorporated C-corp. I have attached my scanned c-corp W9 and my driver's license to the case. I got this reponse... Thank you for responding to our request. We have received and reviewed the information you submitted. On the W9 form, you filled out the information for your company. Although the W9 is a tax form, the purpose of our request is to collect personal information, not tax information, Please fill out a new W9 with your personal information and SSN, and attach it to this support case. If you reach the thresholds set by the IRS for reporting transactions, we will ask you for applicable tax information and provide you with any required forms (like a 1099-K) at the end of the year or beginning of next year. Well I dont want to send them my SSN number because they will mistakenly file a 1099K on it instead of my C-corp. Not to mention all the normal concerns about one's SSN. Specific questions: has anyone (who is an incorporated c-corp) resolved this without giving their personal SSN? If yes... How? Who do I call? etc. MANY thanks.
  3. the browser (firefox) likes it. no problem.
  4. so the question is.... is there anything more to do in the lsl script other than use https://www. instead of http://www ? ... ok upon further testing... [HTTP_VERIFY_CERT, FALSE] allows it to work. that probably means the shared hosting site I'm using for testing (their cert not mine) isn't quite good enough for HTTP_VERIFY_CERT to be happy.
  5. yes. the site has a https working now. a php that lives there doesn't work. if I put it on a non-https site, it behaves as expected.
  6. right. ty.. good information. Is there more to https than just putting 'https" in the url instead if "http" ? must be, because I its not working for me, whereas the same simple php will respond just fine if its located in a non-secure location.
  7. I am implementing some communications back and forth between LSL and PHP. reading various forum threads has taught me a few things that make it "more" secure. My question is this. Is passing data from LSL -> PHP any more "secure" using POST than just putting the variables in the url (using GET) ? Maybe the use of https (or the lack thereof) influences the answer to my question. thanks in advance.
  8. Greetings, I would like to implement some php (or othe script language code) on an off-world web host to copy textures from SL to that web host so I can show them on a web page. I know it can be done, but I need some help getting pointed in the right direction. I've read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/HTTP_Texture which talks a lot about how http textures work withing the viewer code, but nothing (that i can tell) about how to go about fetching textures from a script on a web-host. Yes the textures are mine. Yes I know the uuid of the textures. Any tips greatly appreciated.
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