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Help! It won't open!

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I'm trying to load Second Life...

And the bar to load it up is fast, but then everytime it gets to "Loading Clothing" it slows and freezes. Then it crashes. I've done this over and over again, but nothings working! Please help! I'd like to get into Second Life!

If theres some sort of update im supposed to download or SOMETHING, please tell me how or send me a link or something. I'm not much a computer tech, so I wouldn't know. Thank you!

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Hello ws.

1)Clear your cache under Menu Me --> Preferences --> Advanced tab.

2)Power down your modem / router for at least 2 mins, restart your computer, power one and try again.

3)Set your graphics performance in low temporarily and see if that helps.

4)Log in a different region. Protected lands like Smith, Lime or Pooley are recommended. If you can't select a different region, in your log in screen give the command: Menu Me --> Preferences --> General Tab --> Enable "Show on login" --> OK.  After click the down arrow where it says "Start at" and choose <Type region name> --> Smith --> Login

5)Try a different Viewer. You can all TPV here.

(Your post is in wrong category).

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