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  1. I've been trying for quite a while now, but everytime I open up Second Life, it crashes. I'll be on the loading screen, and everytime it reaches "Downloading Clothing..." it slows and evenutally stops. Then it crashes. I've been doing this over and over, and it just will not work. If there's anything you can do to help me, please tell me. If I have to uninstall and reinstall or something, tell me how. I'm not really all that good on the computer so I really wouldn't know how. Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to load Second Life... And the bar to load it up is fast, but then everytime it gets to "Loading Clothing" it slows and freezes. Then it crashes. I've done this over and over again, but nothings working! Please help! I'd like to get into Second Life! If theres some sort of update im supposed to download or SOMETHING, please tell me how or send me a link or something. I'm not much a computer tech, so I wouldn't know. Thank you!
  3. I bought a new outfit for my avatar in the Markestplace and it hasn't showed up yet, and everyone keeps saying I should contact the merchant, Fran Capelo is his/her name, but I don't actually know how to contact the merchant inworld or outworld!!!! Someone help please!!!!
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