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Photography Groups? - How to be a successful photographer?

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Hello There =]

I've been trying my hand at SL Photography for awhile, but I'm slowly reaching a point where I'm getting "stuck", and looking through tutorials isn't giving me enough inspiration to go to a new direction. I've been browsing through Flickr and found a mass amount of great art, but I'm far from being that great.

I know there has to be, but wanted to ask you guys, if there are any photography groups out there that are active. I'm in a few that are damn near dormant,

Also do you have any tips to becoming a successful photographer? I've been doing photos just for friends for awhile to practice and build my portfolio, and now want to expand to try my hand at creating photos for others now. I'm just not sure the best way how to "get out there."

Much appreciated =]

My Flickr:


Any critiques are welcomed =]



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Hi, Amore!

I belong to a group that is very active with it's members. They carry alot of photography equipment. I'm not sure if we are allowed to mention the name though. I might be wrong though, but if you want send me a message in-world and I will gladly help you.

From looking at your Photostream it seems like you do a great job. I really like the lighting in them and the compsition is really good. Maybe you can set up your portfolio in a small shop (like a skybox) or mention a little in your profile, your picks or create a group just for doing what you want to do. Do you mind if I add you as a Contact on flickr? I do some photography as well.


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Hello Amore:)

I am a new SL photographer and planning to be really succesful and famous one day lol

When I wanted to become a photographer first I found a nice photo studio with high traffic and nice staff and applied to work there as a sales rep. At the interview I told my boss that I applied because I want to become a photographer one day but first I want to learn as much as I can about how things work there. I got the job. Then I started to post my photos on flickr and Fb (before Fb deleted many avatars accounts). 

Most of the times I was shooting myself or few close friends but soon other people started to ask me to do photos for them. After a month I showed my flickr to my boss and she asked me "Do you want a promotion?" lol, and i got my photographer tag. I am still learning, practicing every day, atm trying to draw hair and most of my free time I am browsing through flickr or other pages with photos. 

To be succesful, just do what you think its good, and practice practice practice...:) Its a great feeling when you get a msg saying that a client was asking for you to make the photos!

I added you on flickr, nice photos you have there!

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Hi Amore

There's some basic info about SL photography on my website at: http://www.fotoscopesl.com/Support/SLPhotography.aspx

Also a page on SL lighting: http://www.fotoscopesl.com/Support/SLLights.aspx

These refer to technique of course... inspiration is a little harder...... visit great sims and look at great photos!!! THINK about what you want to do in advance. Try to visualise the pics you want to take.... then think about what you need to do to achieve that result. That means... location (backdrop), composition, lighting, angle of view, model(s), props etc etc etc. And then there's post-processing....... :)

Good luck!

Korgi Lerwick



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4635 days.

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