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  1. Try searching for this in bloggers groups. I've heard many people complain how they don't have this kind of person only for photos.
  2. I'm surprised there is no "heart" keyword... 🙄 If you have a word "collar" in the title of the product, there is no need to write it one more time in keywords section, you just wasted precious space. If you can't remember many relevant keywords, leave it as it is. Your product could be ranked better if it had only relevant keywords and title tags.
  3. There are many windlight settings and some of them are the default settings for specific viewer, some can be downloaded and installed in your own viewer and it often happens that the photographer edits the specific windlight. You didn't say which viewer you use or what windlights you tried. So I can only advise you to pose your avatar and try different windlights until you find the one that fits you. If possible, search for those that have "avatar optimal" words in their names. Also, you can edit any windlight and play with the sun and ambient colors.
  4. What's this? Are there some specific benefits (besides cash-out limits?)? Are there some links I could read? I am curious how many merchants are level 2.
  5. AL things the OP named are, IMHO, normal and it's not needed to specially point out at them because those who understand will act accordingly without the need to be reminded and those who aren't capable of understanding, don't read anything so it's just a waste of time. And nerves LoL If the item has many reviews and they are all 5 stars it's obvious the merchant did something. Once I said I will give some kind of reward to my group members if they leave a review on items they bought. And I wrote that they write everything that comes to their mind, any kind of review because it will help
  6. This is something that's been somewhere in the back of my "to-do" list and I've read many times about various benefits we get from this. It helps even if we just flip the canvas while editing! Our brains tend to "create" things that aren't there or ignore something that's a bit off, for example some weird looking shadow will be ignored if you observe the portrait in normal mode, but if you flip it upside-down your brain will notice irregularities. If you are using the water as a mirror it helps to switch the width and height of the snapshot's size, I think... It's been ages since I tried
  7. Make yourself a nice potrfolio, Flickr is what the majority of people use, and use the viewer to search for a studio that hires new artists. This is the safest and easiest way for you to get the know the community, see how things work and see if you can position yourself and your art somewhere inside this "industry".
  8. This is great news! I have no idea who the creator is but I am really happy to see they are one of those good people we hear about from time to time 😊
  9. First of all, search for the proof they have done this job before and know what is expected from them. Talk with the person, ask questions, do they know some basics of the job, what is important and what to avoid? Ask them to explain what they expect, how they see this job? You don't need a person that says they are willing to learn, spend a month or two trying to teach them and have them realize the job is too hard. For me, important would be to see some recommendations from other business owners, don't hire a person who has no background. And also, prepare yourself, be straight and wri
  10. Well I guess there will always be certain amount of people who don't care about the original content - in SL they produce/buy exact copies of real life products that often have the brand names spelled a bit different and in RL they buy fakes. Nothing we say or do will make them change, I don't support or defend them but I don't know how to fight them except by not giving them exposure, at all. Is this only about mesh creators in SL or is it concerning other products and places? Originality is, IMO, not that simple. I can't copy my own work, it turns out different every time... If we take
  11. I see there are still no replies and I have no clue what a singer needs but, if I were you, I would search for concerts and singers in-world and see if I can ask one of them or maybe someone who works for them.
  12. People just don't care, too many of us (merchants) think that's okay because they never heard someone being punished because if that. The explanation I've heard for this is, when people look for general pants they might see those jeans and decide to buy them lol, so it is like showing your item to wider audience which is good because, even if people don't buy them instantly, they can save them for future so to them, this trend feels somehow like advertising. Same for me, I had no idea about this... I think the reasons for flagging are kinda confusing and when I click it, I rath
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone here, who posts and reads.
  14. I understand your frustration (at least I hope I do lol), you did not find the clothing that supports your specific body type. As I see it, the right thing to do would be to simply walk by and buy from another creator or maybe send a nice notecard to this creator, say you liked the items but did not find the version for your body type and ask can they help you about it? That's what I would do. I would never make a whole forum thread about it... like OMG are you some kind of superspecial princess snowflake or what? First time I saw the title I thought you got scammed or something really ba
  15. Are you sure about this? I have read the whole post and, honestly, while I agree with your opinion (these things annoy me too) I can't agree with the way it was said. It almost makes me want to ask you not to go near my place because you could find something that annoys you and decide to publicly shame me about it. There are tons of merchants out there and many of them are still learning and trying new things, seeing what fits them best. We all started somewhere! And I am guessing we are allowed to do things different and to try new things.... If you don't like it, move on, don't s
  16. IN events, when I see a nice vendor, it shows good looking female avatar, nothing else on the photo, no letters, and I have no idea what they are trying to sell.... the name says something like.... The bitter agony (name of the brand) "perplexed move" (name of the item they sell) 😶 and it comes in colors peach rose, lizzard, nude, pearl... and other names. Demo is packed in a box so I am supposed to buy the demo, teleport home, unpack, try the item to see what it is and then go back if I would like to buy it... never happened! People who write messages in their profiles and social networ
  17. Maybe you can do like event owners do? Setup everything (including pictures with frames) and simply invite artists to sell their work there. And I meant that you design the whole setup, move frames to the place you want them to be (you can even take snapshots of the photos you plan to use on certain frames so that when you move it around, you get the feeling of how its going to look once the photos are out there for sale) and only after you have everything setup, you invite artists to come over and setup their vendors or whatever method of sales they prefer. It's not much different than
  18. I admit doing many of the mentioned ones hahaha
  19. Was my English hard to understand?? This person, Prokofy Neva, is quoting my text and commenting in a way that shows they did not read the text or that they have read it and then decided it's not fun to simply reply, it will be better and faaar more amusing to interpret it in a weird and wrong way and invent another, completely new version of my text and simply reply to this new version! Yes I believe this is what happened (though I'm not a believer but oh well there are worse things in this world). I don't know what is causing them to misunderstand everything I wrote but I don't di
  20. It is wrong to expect from everyone to respect and follow your own specific beliefs, leave them a way to disrespect those beliefs and then punish them for doing so. SL is a global place and by entering a global market one has to think globally and make sure everything is covered! Before asking to respect your own rules we should make sure we respect others and one way of respecting is not expecting everyone to follow your ideas. In RL I was raised as atheist and I'm not practicing any religion, officially. But I try as much as I can to understand, respect and apply positive things that c
  21. I had no idea. Maybe this person is sitting somewhere in her home, drinking coffee and laughing like crazy because she managed to get us discuss about boxes through 5 pages. Worst thing is, this is about the big annoyances, not packages lol, I thought the packages are big!
  22. It is not wise to confuse personal preferences with the ratio. First has to do with our own likes, what we enjoy or what we are used to do. Things that person does out of habit, no matter how much she enjoys them, cannot be confused with ratio. One has to watch for the reputation because observers might think one's ratio is not working properly. And trying to force our own likes and personal taste simply by declaring them rational is even worse case of confusion. One might be considered logically impaired. I really hope this is a trolling thread, made to have some fun and I wish eve
  23. Something similar to this I wrote in my profile pics several ways customers can contact me and said that I will not reply to message saying "hi" and similar. Sometimes I reply back and if they are not online I will write a polite notecard and ask can they write inside, save and send back to me? I name the notecard with my store name and their Avatar name so they can see an example how things like this can be done. It usually works and people are cool. If you want people to act a certain way, or make them not act, it is best to offer a nice alternative, something that is usefu
  24. Invest your time and effort in joining events, they have bloggers who will blog your items and this is a good start. Make sure you have pretty vendor photos because they attract sales. Sploders, fishing hunts and other similar things are not really useful because, as you already said, you need to attract people who spend money.
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