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Annoying mesh errors!


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First of all: I like the new mesh thingy.. but the information for development is way too much and not effective at all. On the wiki about mesh i find a lot of "blabla" but not much helpful information. All the "blabla" makes it hard to find the useful informations. Im working with 3D since 15 jears now and never got that much problems importing a mesh to a game. What could be done: Remove those stupid error messages in the viewer and replace them with helpful hints and links. Give a overview what could be done WRONG when uploading or importing a mesh and what kind of errors it causes. Some kind of Mesh overview would be good: How much verticies are allowed? Max. number of possible faces? how much textures per object? how much textures per mesh? how much materials per object / mesh? how much objects per mesh? alpha- normal- specularity- environmap- textures possible? more than one texture per face possible? how to change the center of a mesh? how to upload a mesh without physics and bounds (would save phys. costs)? Since weeks now i try to upload meshes. in about 10% of all tries i succeed. If i would open up a thread for every error the forum would have only my posts on the first page. This is why im not even try to ask a question about uploading meshes. The most annoying thing is, that i work for days on a model and afterwards i cant import it and dont even know why. So i try around until my brain smokes and end up with creating a new mesh and hoping that this one works. Its just annoying trial and error. Even when i google the error messages i get no useful results. Sorry for my negative feedback, but at least i hope it helps to make mesh dev. better!
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Can be either a

  • "Regular Prim"
  • "Sculpted Prim"
  • "Mesh Prim"
Prims are the smallest separately rezzable entity in SL.
Object A linkset containing one or more prims
PE Prim Equivalent: the amount of "prims" to be taken from your Prim Budget on your land
Texture-Face Separately texturizable part of a Prim, does not need contingous surface (faces do not need to touch each other for having the same texture face)

Answers to your questions:

Question Answer
How much verticies are allowed?
Max. number of possible faces?
65536 triangles per LOD for each Prim

how much textures per Prim?

up to 8 texture faces per Prim
How many materials per Prim ? Materials are currently synonym for texture faces
How Many Objects per Upload ?

One Object containing an arbitrary amount of Mesh Prims. You will get a Linkset when rezzing the upload. You can separate the Prims within the linkset if you like (just like with any other Linkset).

Note that a Mesh Prim can consist of multiple unconnected "sub" meshes. Since a Mesh Prim is the smallest rezzable entity, such a mesh prim is an equivalent to a fractional sculpty from the visual impression, but has a cleanly defined Model.

It is up to your tool how you distinguish between separate meshes in ONE object or separate Objects.

alpha-textures possible? yes, but take care of the Alpha Sorting issue returning back on meshes.In general alpha textures currently create a mess. However there are some exceptions where they work well.
normal-textures possible? Not in first release
specularity-textures possible? Not in first release
environmap-textures possible? Not in first release
maximum number of textures per (model) face 1
how to change the center of a mesh? Not supported in first release
how to upload a mesh without physics and bounds not supported (every Object needs a physics definition). Best approach: Use simple physics meshes (A single trianlge will do when you are sure that your mesh realy never needs physics)
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Thank you very much for clearing things up! Now i see the definition of Object is meaning something different than i was meaning. When i was talking about objects i meant sub-meshes. I would be very happy if someone knows more about the errors and share this information here. I got so much meshes with various errors and i would be very glad if my work wasnt for nothing.

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There are currently a lot of issues still open and/or  partially solved. If you want to get a list of possible causes for errors, then i'd ask you to send the list of errors you encountered. otherwise the list of explanations would be quite long ;-) and partially outdated anyways.

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Gaia has covered your questions thoroughly, but I have one thing I would like to add that might help you out. You said you spend days modeling something only to find out that it wont upload and you don't why, I would offer this to you as an alternative. Make sure you have you workflow down first before you spend a lot of time modeling something with every detail.

For example if you are working on a pair of rigged shoes, make a simple cube and add some loops to it and quickly shape it to look like a boxy shoe, then do your weighting and upload. If you are able to get that into SL then the same will hold true for your highly detailed model as long as your modeling with proper modeling techniques, but that sounds like that is the case with 15 years experience :D If you cant get that imported, work on figuring out what is wrong with that upload weather its file output, file contents, or some type of compatibility problem. Once you have solved that you will most likely solve the problem for other uploads.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4717 days.

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