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  1. Blue Steel isn't up I can't celebrate mesh's first day on the grid yet??
  2. Not sure where you live ( I live in CA ) and when I first moved here before opening my own business, I had a few offers from Boeing they use Alias which I have had very little experience, I know nothing about CATIA, but I can tell you for sure that you can't loft a 4th or 5th degree curve with Blender. I was also told by Boeing that knowing Alias was good that many auto manufacturers use it as well, so learning it would have good benefit for me. Some people want to make out that your an idiot for using a program such as Maya or Max when there is a free program Blender available that will do a
  3. They same argument can be made on the other side, cause it's free is it supposed to be better? Cause people can freely add to it all they want and build it on their own and call it whatever they want does that make it better? There is a reason that people use Maya and Max and its not cause of pretty brochures. If you have used both extensively you would clearly say that Maya or Max would be far superior to Blender, now granted most people don't have the money to go out and by an Autodesk product just to build stuff in SL as you would Sculpt Studio or a paid version of JASS even if you are a me
  4. I think if you want the most information and tutorials Blender would be the way to go as many more people use it than others. It is great to know and you can transfer all knowledge to other 3D programs. As far as between those two you mentioned I would use Maya but I am partial as that is what I use along with Blender and a few other programs in my workflow.
  5. It seems like you have figured out your problem but I just wanted to add this in case it helps, that I have had the same error on upload and it has always been related to the fact that there are no UVs on a portion of my model. In other words I have manually deleted them. They can be scattered all over the place as long as they are all there, but if for some reason you delete some of them or all and not re-project a new UV set this will cause the uploader to say you have a missing level of detail. Hope this helps
  6. In C4D locate where you can show normals. This will put a small arrow or similar pointed in the direction the normals are at the moment. Most likely somewhere maybe in that same tab you should have set normal angle, smooth and harden normal angle. When you click smooth normals for the first time you should notice that hard edges now go away much the same way they did with the phong tag. SL uses Lambert not phong so I am not sure if the phong shading tag will show in SL, but setting and smoothing your normal angle will show in SL. In Maya if you do a show smooth mesh preview by hitting the num
  7. In my workflow I start with the kinda blocky version to get the general shape that I am looking for then take the model into a sculpting program to increase quads and get the final super high rez model I am looking for (maybe 4 - 6 million quads). If for example I am working on a avatar while I am doing this it will change the basic shape of my model some I want to do this so that when I create my actual high_LOD mesh it follow as close to the contoures of the super high rez mesh from the sculpting program, this makes better AO and normal maps. I will then take my model into a re-topologizing
  8. One thing you can do so that the uploader does not use the .sllm file is in debug settings, set mesh import use SLM to false. Hope this helps
  9. Bump mapping is as explained and adds so much more detail in a flat surfaces, eliminating the need for so much geometry to make up your object. This is a pic of my avatar just as base mesh ~2800 quads on far left, and in the middle with AO map and on far right with normal map which is very similar to a bump map just made in a little bit different way. So as you can see with always using the base mesh you can get so much more detail from the normal map than you can with the AO or of course nothing. So either bump, or preferable normal cause its cleaner, or both would give us so much more freedo
  10. No, custom rigs are not supported yet, and the unfortunate thing is they say they are because of the examples that Medhue pointed out. I myself have tried extensively with the Mac and a bootcamp Win7 versioins of the viewer and I am not able to get a scaled rig to upload. I have tried with Blender both and Mac and Win7, and Maya 2011 Mac and no avail on scaled or manipulated skeletons. I have however been able to upload a complete proportional skeleton at larger and smaller size and it comes in at the size of whatever shape I am wearing the same as anyother rig I have uploaded. Hope this helps
  11. Yes the default SL skeleton which you can get several different ways one of which is in the link I gave you in the other thread, it's in the first post by Reed Steamroller. There is some other valuable information in that thread as well, but be careful some of the stuff is now not functional in SL cause of changes in the viewer.
  12. I think in the last user group meeting notes it was said that that is something that is in the plans for after initial rollout. I agree that it would be a great feature, one thing that will have to be sorted out is which attachment is the active one for when you adjust the shape targets.
  13. It appears you have been able to upload so that would constitute being able to upload a rigged mesh congratulations now as far as your rigging goes that is gonna need some work I would assume if you got it uploaded you followed my suggestion to use interactive skin bind. Now you need to go into the interactive skin bind tool and adjust your skin weights. If you just did a regular smooth bind then you need to use your paint skin weights tool or your component editor to be able to adjust the skin weights. Then you wont have anything sticking through. Also a partial body alpha will help to kee
  14. I use Maya 2011 on Mac with Open collada and it works fine EVERY time, for rigged avatars. The FBX_dae exporter as of recently works as well that is something that has just recently started working though. As far as partial bone sets as if you were just exporting a piece of clothing those do not work no matter what I do, unless all 26 bones are in the .dae file no upload is happening. One way I have found to do this is with Maya 2011 is using an interactive bind which includes all bones even if you are just trying to rig a shirt. I am on a Mac so thins may make some things work differently as
  15. Hi Sommer yes I have uploaded rigged mesh avatars You must keep in mind that right now it is beta and software are being updated constantly and things are changing sometimes on even less than a days time. When you don't fully understand your pipeline, as they call it, such that when something isn't working it is because it is the software, it is going to be very confusing for you and it's not you it's just that things are changing so much you have to constantly stay up with it to be able to know what is going on I really hope this helps With all that being said the Mac version of the viewer
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