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Im new to Sl free shapes and skins

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Hi Decker1 -


Since there is no info in your profile I am guessing you are a guy from the name and writing accordingly.  Guy freebie skins are much harder to come by than ones for gals, but your can get some nice ones around the grid. Here are a couple of places that currently have nice skins and shapes for free. Note that all skins and shapes are not created equal. Getting GOOD freebies is a challenge sometimes *wink*.


First up Yasum Designs. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fathom/221/83/500 (copy and paste that into your chat window, hit enter and then click on the link that shows up in your chat box). Note that while that is the exact SLURL of the skin and shape, you can't actually get there directly.

When you arrive, turn around and you will see some silver disks on the floor. These are teleports to take you to different parts of the shop (in this case up in the sky). Touch the teleporter for the FREEBIES and BARGAIN area and choose the location button #1. Touch the beam that appears and you will be taken up high in the sky. Sorry this is so many steps but there is no way to get there directly :D.

Now go to the BACK of the store - the south east corner if you have figured out how to use the map.  In that far corner room there are free items for everyone (you don't need to join the group) Along with a skin and matching shape there are role play outfits as well as some jeans and belt.  If you join the group, you can get -- in the future -- some exceptional things including male skins. The owner likes making presents :D.


Easier to get to but will take some time waiting is Mr. Poet. There are two skins on lucky boards. You need to wait until the letter of your first name comes up and then touch the board to get the skin. It shouldn't take too long as these are ONE MINUTE boards. There are also some excellent free clothes right next to the lucky boards.


Skins and shapes don't always go together well, so  even the nicest skin might not work with a certain shape. When you get around to buying a skin if you do, be sure and check out the DEMOS first. Don't just look at the photos.


Hope that helps.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3286 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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