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While I have seen land for rent (mainland) for around that price per prim, it is most likely that you would have to go with a 512 lot which is only 117 or spend a bit more and get 234. This would NOT be very beachy *wink*. Now and then on my days with nothing to do, I simply go look at land to see what there is out there, and unless you know someone it is going to be very difficult to find what you want.


A better bet -- or at least one that fits your budget -- would be to rent an apartment or cottage. I have had several nice ones in that prim per linden price range -- even one for $50 that included private sandbox use.

I agree that most private estate land starts around 2 per prim and is mostly larger chunks. You could get lucky though.



You can search for rental land in the classifieds.  SEARCH > Classifieds> Land rental. I typed in 512 to see what was there and the cheapest I could find was $188 for 117 prims. It was close to the beach by the photo.  I also found a 1024 for $300.  There may be cheaper ones, but you would need to visit each rental office to find what is available.


Good luck.


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